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The best BLACKOUT performance

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I quite like the one from Madison Square Garden 04.02.11 (off the BITS single)


although I've not religiously listened to many other versions so I could just be basing this on slim pickings...

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I want you to tell me which Blackout performance is your favorite


i've heard the one from Berlin from this year and it sounds fucking cool, if you havent heard it check it out

IMO Chester's verses sound incredible from Berlin, but he sounded out of breath for the screams. But to be honest, Blackout is one of those few songs that, whenever the band plays it, is solid no matter what.

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Everyone needs to check out Blackout from Salt Lake City and San Jose 2011, those are fucking crazy epic, but I'm not allowed to share them here, because they are from DSP's. But if anyone has the opportunity, check those out, because they're insane. They blow any other performances out of the water.

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