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DSP Berlin where is it?


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if it's listed on the DSP stie, it is likely to come out, it's just taking a while -


(talking about RaR/RiP)

Weird that it isn't out yet. I thought it'd be out 1-2 days ago but I guess anytime now. I know there is a legit delay between when Pooch/Dylan are done and they upload it to the Basecamp server versus when Basecamp actually gets around to posting it.


For example, in Sunrise last year someone told me to ask Pooch when the South American 2010 DSPs would be up. I forgot but asked him in Tampa, to which he replied "Oh we finished that shit and uploaded it like a week before the Sunrise show...the South American stuff should have been up already." And they were uploaded actually the day of the Tampa show I believe (before I knew about it), so it tells me there is a delay between when they are finished and send it off versus when it actually gets posted. Everyone knows Basecamp is a piece of shit though. Adam blew them away in 2009 for us and also knows they have pretty bad customer service and are slow.

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I just got an email from the downloads.lp.com support its like:


>> Unfortunately, the June 5 Berlin show was accidentally added to the LP bootleg series. For contractual reasons we are unable to release the show for download.

To make up for the mistake we would like to offer you free downloads of any two Linkin Park shows.

We are very sorry for the mistake and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. <<



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I bet they decided not to release the DSP that way the in theater event thing on June 25th could remain somewhat ''exclusive''. We have a pretty decent rip of that show, except it is missing a few songs. I'm assuming we will get those tracks eventually at one point or another.

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