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LPU Roadie for the Day


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As you may know, LPUHQ's Adam is going on tour with the band. He said that there will be "the LPU experience even better as we'll be able to do some things we've never been able to do before."

So, here it is:

Yesterday on his blog on LPU site Adam asked for LPUers' help on the tour:


"This summer, I'll be joining Linkin Park on their European and North American tours. Part of my job will be spreading the word about the LPU and recruiting new members. This is a big task, and I need your help. I'm looking for one LPU member at EACH SHOW to help me talk to fans at the show about the LP Underground. As an LPU Roadie For The Day, your duties will include:

• Being my translator at the show so I can talk to all of the fans (European shows only).

• Talking to hundreds of Linkin Park fans throughout the day to tell them about the LPU and talk about YOUR experiences in the LPU."


You can learn more about it and how to apply on Adam's blog on LPU.com.


Source: Adam's blog on LPU site and news on LPU.com


EDIT: According to the LPU news e-mail, for the upcoming European tour you must submit your application no later than Friday, May 11.

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