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The Raid:Redemption

the cool kid

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I'm hoping that im on the right thread for this, does anyone know if the The Raid:Redemption might be going state wide, as in will it be showing in florida too, or will it just be limited in select states, because what i'v seen so far, it just looks so awesome and im worried i wont be able to see it till DVD time....if it does go on DVD


Edit- I need to investigate more before i come here

here's a link for anyone who is curious too:


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I really think those are the only dates. Kinda disappointing cause I was really wanting to check it out. But i'll have to drive an hour and a half to see it. Money is too tight for me too. And saving for the US Linkubus Tour seems more important.

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this movie's fighting scenes are awesome!!!

but the plot is too simple,


talking = 5% of the whole movie (time)

fighting = 95% of the whole movie

Τhese kind of action movies are always like that.. And coming from a guy that does not love this genre, this movie was top-notch!

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