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More New Album Rumors in 2012 by MSN


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I found out from ChesterBenningtonNetwork this morning.


Here's the link http://entertainment.msn.com/beacon/editor...p;wa=wsignin1.0


The quote on the side: Back at the dawn of the millennium, nu-metal reigned supreme on the rock and pop airwaves. Combining heavy metal and rap, the style inspired strong opinions in both directions, and Linkin Park, though not the standard-bearers of the genre like Limp Bizkit, probably sold the most records. For example, their debut, 2000's "Hybrid Theory," sold over 10 million copies in America alone. Still, going strong despite the lack of cultural cachet, the band will release their fifth, very loud album in 2012.


Mike came out with the last rumor and reamed LPA for posting the other article as fact. So I won't believe ANYTHING until one of the band members confirm.


I do find it interesting that this keeps happening. But I'm still betting Album 5 will release in 2013 at the earliest, around early summer, IMO.

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Why does everyone keep thinking it won't be out till 2013, if you really look at it the band always gets an album out after two years of actual studio work HT 99-00, Meteora 02-03, MTM 06-07, ATS 09-10. They always went on year long tours (01 and 04) or someone was working on a big side project (05 and 09). I honestly think that they will have the new album out in time for the summer festivals.

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