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BIB video/Frank Zummo


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was surprised this hadn't been posted here...


email from SystemeDeStreet:

During our three day cram session, we shot two videos with two different directors and had a day of drummer auditions. We played with a handful of amazing drummers – the finalists were our good friend Frank Zummo (Street Drum Corps) and our new friend Eli James.

We wanted to see what it would really be like to have each guy in the band – so we shot one video with each finalist. I think it’s really cool that we documented our … “indecision”… in the face of Elias’ decision to leave the band indefinitely (see past announcements). Although Frank was Elias’ first suggestion to replace himself, we wanted to try some other energy just to be sure. Always a tough choice in the end – wrought with emotion given that we were replacing our friend and brother.

We decided to go with Frank – he just felt like he was “in the band” - almost immediately.

When we informed Frank of our decision, he showed us a text from Chester saying something to the effect of: “Julien-K is looking for a drummer, you should join them!!”. When I read that I thought “Perfect!!?? If CB is in, I think we made a great decision”. You can find Frank on twitter at: www.twitter.com/fzummo


A bit about the video: Many of the images and scenes in the video are from our actual personal photos taken while traveling around the world. We wanted to capture the way we felt about our touring life and the world in general - the world through our eyes and through our music. You should all know: this band LOVES touring. We love being in Europe and Asia – we love traveling the U.S. and Canada – and we can’t wait to hit South America, Australia, and so on. I recommend that EVERYONE travel. If you haven’t yet – GO.


This is a song about wanderlust.



what do you think of the new video? and what about Frank Zummo?

i've had "ahh ah-ah, ahhhh ah-ah, ahhhh ahhh ahhh" in my head for days :lol:

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pretty cool video and awesome song, nice to see fu getting into it a little, instead of always just standing still like he normally does :P I didn't have a clue about who would replace elias, but i guess frank sort of makes sense since he did play a show with julien-k.

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