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Mash-up with LPU 9.0 songs?


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I was listening to the tracks on the LPU 9.0 and realized, as all must have noticed too, that the demo version of Figure.09 just have the chorus and a part at the end with lyrics (good final, by the way) and the demo version of Faint have a chorus instrumental, without lyrics. In addition, the two songs are in sequence in the final version of the Meteora (faint is the seventh track and Figure.09 is the eighth) and both have Chester saying/screaming NO at the end.


Might sound crazy, but if possible mix the two songs and form a completely different song, since the lyrics were not utilized in the final songs. And best, (and most insane even) and if we use the instrumental of A-Six (great music, but could be better, precisely, with letters). I know it must be difficult to create a song along those lines, it would have to observe all the songs and put them in a precise time, that does make sense.

But if someone could do a mash-up or something, then we would have a very good song that the LP could have done himself, but ended up not doing (or even made, why not?).


It's just a idea. I would like to make this, but I'm terrible at it. But maybe I'll try. If someone has done something like that, accept my apology and, please, say who did it.

Sorry if this is the wrong section or topic to post this and sorry too by clerical errors, I'm Brazilian.


Thanks for all.

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