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Hartford, CT 2007


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This was a really fun day. We drove down in the morning, my Grandma drove us down for this show. This time not being such a long drive since Hartford is only about an hour and a half from where we live. We went to Dunkin' Donuts in the morning and got these SoBe Energy Coolatta things, and they turned my fingers green for some reason, I don't know why I remember that, but yeah. Was kind of annoying. When we got to the show, there were tons of people already waiting in line. The heat sucked that day. It wasn't sunny that day, but more of an extremely humid and gray type of day. Anyone who lives in New England will know what I mean about that type of summer day. It sucked getting inside the venue because my friend wasn't allowed in at first. He was carrying a bag full of CD's that we planned on getting signed at the meet and greet, and also for merch when we bought it at the show. Well apparently, at this venue, you couldn't even bring a small bag. I started arguing with them, saying how we went to another show and they allowed it, but they told me that if I continued to argue I would be thrown out of the venue. Needless to say, I shut up. We didn't have a car or anything to put the bag in, and we sure as hell weren't going to carry all the CD's around all day, so he asked this lady if we could leave it in her car. She was nice and said yes. Super risky of him.


We missed Madina Lake because of this whole problem, but we were right up in front for Styles Of Beyond. I didn't get to see them in Mansfield because Tak was sick that day, so I was pumped to see them. They put on a really good show. For some reason, I remember them playing a song called ''Kick Me Out'' that they said was off their new album coming out soon. It was a mystery for the LONGEST time, because I really liked the song, and it ended up coming out as a bonus track on the Razor Tag portion of Reseda Beach in late 2012. It wasn't on the original Razor Tag mixtape in 2007. Apathy, being from Connecticut, actually came out for the show and did a song or two with them, I can't remember which songs. Mike also did Second To None with them and it was epic. I recorded it on my LG Chocolate cell phone but it didn't come out good. All I can remember is that Mike said during the intro of Second To None ''Who's ready for some Big Daddy Kane shit?''. After their set we went to meet them at their Meet & Greet line, really cool guys, really nice. I told them that was me who asked why they weren't at Mansfield and they talked with me for a bit, it was awesome. I think we hung out for a while walking around and what not during The Bled and Saosin. We got some food at one point, and we missed part of Mindless Self Indulgence's set.


Once the main stage started up, I didn't feel like watching Julien-K, so I walked around for a bit and hung out, etc.. My friend watched them, though, and he was lucky, because Chester came out and did Technical Difficulties with them. I wish I had just watched them from the pit like he did, but I watched some of it from a set of steps somewhere near the main stage area. He watched some of Placebo, as did I, from the steps, and we met up after their set. We both had Meet & Greet passes at this show, so we started to go find the line. Luckily, we got to see Taking Back Sunday from where we were standing, waiting in line. My Mom had arrived at the venue at this point, and she met us at the Meet & Greet line and watched Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance, too. My Mom was our ride home but she wanted to see the show. The Meet & Greet ran REAL late at this show, so it didn't even start until towards the end of My Chemical Romance's set, which severely sucked. Once we got in, the band was really nice, though. Mr. Hahn gave me a free Java Monster, I think the flavor was Mean Bean. He was like ''Do you like coffee?''? I said ''Yes'' and he gave me it. Really funny. Once it was over, we went down into the pit. We had a huge guy from the Meet & Greet push us through the crowd, so we could get right up on the bar in the pit, pretty asshole move, but fuck it. The lights went out and we heard the gunshot intro for One Step Closer. Everything was pitch black for a moment. The kabouki dropped and Mike and Chester came running out, followed by Brad and Phoenix. Chester screamed ''What the fuck is up!!'' right before the first verse. The crowd went nuts throughout the entire song, I love it as an opener. Much better than Wake as an opener, IMO. No More Sorrow was hands down the best performance at this show, though. I remember everyone getting real into it, and Chester just stood in silence for the entirety of the intro, and then started headbanging like crazy once the heavy part of the intro kicked in, He actually through the mic stand, then picked it up and started singing the first verse real well. The rest of the set was awesome. Before In The End started, Mike was telling us about the whole picture in the backstage area thing. Listen to the DSP and you'll see what I mean. So funny. Chester saying ''Celine fucking Dion''. It was awesome, they took a huge pic of the crowd and they tore through the rest of the set, ending nicely with Faint. It was a really great show. My Mom watched MCR and LP from the back and she liked it a lot, too. Overall, just an A+ show.


After the show, we found my Mom and we headed to the parking lot to head home. I think we stopped at a Taco Bell or something to eat. I'm pretty sure my friend slept over my house when we got back home and we prepared for Syracuse the entire next day.

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