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hey guys, im quite bored atm so im gunna start a post, how many of yous would love LP to do a live concert and film it in 3D?


Like perform A Thousand Suns from start to finish and then fo 10 of there best older songs and maybe chuck something like "with you" in. it would still be pretty much a full show.

I a 3D tv owner would love this to happen, Ive seen on a few sites that i think they want to do something in 3D. so why not do ATS start to finish then few other songs.. i think it would be great.. Were would the best place to do this be? indoors would be cool cause RTR and live in texas were both outside so yer...


what do you guys think?

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I honestly wouldn't mind a 3D broadcast of an LP concert, in the same way that they broadcasted the Big 4 concert from Bulgaria - in cinemas nationwide

only problem with this is the fact that you only get things showing for one night, or in about three cinemas nationwide... - very annoying


It's something i think LP may do someday, but I wouldn't want to pay through the nose to go see it...

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