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Alt. Version of Xero's "Rhinestone" on TV


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Last December, LPLive user "heartagram_616" posted a thread about a Xero song being featured on "The Crow". Most dismissed it as fake until user "J.Garcia" made his first post on LPLive (a legendary one at that) on the 25th of this month confirming it was real. After some research, staff member Dmitry (aka Sotrix) found it with this post, saying, "I can confirm that 16:15 - 17:18 in the episode "Brother's Keeper" there's a very old demo of Forgotten playing."


Click here to listen to a clip of an old demo of "Rhinestone" (later turned into "Forgotten").


Two posts in the thread caught my attention, one by Astat: "This revelation brings up an oft-asked question, but it bears repeating: How much material did Xero actually record that hasn't seen the light of day? Coal came completely out of nowhere when it showed up on LPUX, Chester's confirmed that one of the first demos he sang on was an instrumental version of A Place for My Head that Xero had already recorded, now there's this alternate version of Rhinestone that didn't appear on the demo tape, and given that Pictureboard was registered on BMI's song catalog, it's pretty safe to assume that was recorded at some point as well. "


And the other by SergSlim: "Interesting how many of the stuff that people say is fake, is really true? Like first it was Plaster, that everyone said - does not exist anywhere, now it's this... etc, etc..."


Click here to comment, as I've disabled comments in this exact thread so you'll have to go to that thread to view them. I couldn't put that thread on the Newswire since it's from December and it wouldn't appear on the homepage, so go here.


Discuss! What do you all think? I guess this will make the community analyze things a bit more before calling them fake, haha.

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