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LPUnderground FREE July 29 - 31

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Hey guys, I just thought I'd let everyone know that the LPU website has a free membership going that gives you access to everything on the website from July 29 to 31. Just go to this link below and click redeem to have some fun on the LPU!!! :) http://lpu.linkinpark.com/lpuweekend/

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no point really

It lets you see what the site is really like and view all the LPU*TV episodes on the site without having to pay any money. So if you're a cheap scape, like me, then it's not a bad thing, so I wouldn't say "no point really", but if you already have a membership, then it is pretty useless.

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I've been a LPU member since 4.0 and have watched all the LPU videos countless times, so this has pretty much no use to me. The LPU doesn't really have anything cool. The package this year was kind of shitty, and there is pretty much nothing for a website except some videos and wallpapers. No message board, no pics, nothing. LP should post demos and b-sides every month for members like FM did. I'd gladly pay 60 a year for that.

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