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Linkin Park Street Art


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Hey everyone. Are you interested in street art? Did you use it sometimes to promote Linkin Park, the streets of your city? Have you thought about?


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Before a few years ago I was a small meeting fans in Prague and I brought black spray and the template of the old Linkin Park logo. We went to legal graffiti wall and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed.

I wondered whether to put this topic to The Gallery or on the General LP Discussion, but because it relates to the Linkin Park, I decided for the General LP Discussion, I hope correctly. I don't want to talk about business Linkin Park Street Team, but the work of individuals. Or what you find on the internet. Just hope this topic you be will prompt you to join. Oh, and I could not find a similar topic on the forum, so perhaps it's not a double. If so, I apologize and hope that someone will be deleted. ;)


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No need to be clamped only to spray, other possibilities are stickers, paint color, solid object of your production, landscaping of public areas with the use of the Linkin Park theme. But beware, this work would never get out of the law in your country. It should not be destroyed by foreign assets, or otherwise disturbed public order.

For inspiration, I got a couple of links (non Linkin Park).






And especially the works of Prague. (Sorry for bad shots and made bad work. We were inexperienced beginners. Which we are always. ;D





And this is no my job, but appeared in Prague in the same year. Hybrid Theory soldier!




Send soon your creation?

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