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Laser show in the US?


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Hi everyone! I'm new here...have been a MAD CRAZY LP fan since 2004...been to 2 shows both front row...ridiculously great shows!!


I'm going to the show in Philly on the 31st and I'm wondering? Are they doing the laser lights like they did in Europe? I haven't heard any mention or seen anything about it? The videos from Europe are sick...I'll be really sad if they're not doing it here....



Any info would be greatly appreciated :)

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I'm sure they wouldn't put all of that work into making a light show to go along with the music and not bring it over here. It's a safe bet that there will be crazy lights.

Actually...I have been trying not to look at any video so I wont know anything. I want to be in "utter shock" this time :P . So I broke down and just watched a couple youtubes from Europe, and no laser show. I think I didn't realize that the ones I had looked at before were the listening event in LA. I'm alittle bummed now that that was only a 1 night thing...seriously sick 3D laser show :(


But thank you for your response... :D


R u on FB?

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