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Linkin Park's album title 'steals' the spotlight.


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Composer Jonathan Elias recently announced a benefit album titled Prayer Cycle 2 to be released on May 10th in support of nuclear disarmament.


The original title for the benefit album was A Thousand Suns, but had to be changed when Linkin Park released their recent album with the same title.


"We had the artwork figured out and then they came along, so damn Linkin Park," Elias says with a laugh. "What's also funny is I almost worked with Chester [bennington] on this. Jonathan Davis and he are friends and Jonathan told him about the project. He really liked it but we just couldn't get it together."


Knowing that some members from Linkin Park are still at least interested in collaborating for different causes, it's possible we may hear some more new music arise in the near future!





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robert downey jr?? dafok

LOL. I was thinking the same thing.


As far as the the "article", it is just an interesting fact. I don't know if it's really newsworthy but I thought it was kinda funny. lol

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