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In case you guys didn't know already, the Linkin Park Live Reviews section is up, of course. Anyway, I had some people asking me to add some stuff to the forums, so here we go. The list of changes includes:


-Merging in the Linkin Park area of 'Album Discussion' and 'Miscellaneous' into 'General Talk'.

-Renaming of the General Discussions area to The Basics.

-Merging in The Basics area of 'Writer's Block' and 'Art & Design' into 'The Gallery'.

-Creation of a new area entitled Other Bands, which includes more new subforums, such as 'Main Street', 'Reviews', and 'Downloads'.

-Creation of a new subforum under The Basics entitled 'Techie Corner'.


Enjoy! If you guys want any other areas on the forums, let me know and I can definitely create them for you.

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