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29.02.2008 - Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK


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This was supposed to be my third LP concert, but I had to miss the 2007 PR Dallas, TX show as I was working in DC at the time. My wife was supposed to go with me, but she had just had surgery so I went with her two younger cousins and met my friend who went to school at OU. They all had never been to a concert before.


We were lucky this time and scored Pit passes, but no meet & greet :(


We arrived early, standing in the long lines with everyone else before the doors opened and checked out the LP tour bus and everything. Once inside, we quickly went to buy our concert shirts and dashed to get a good spot up front by the stage. This really paid off, as we were all right next to the barricade. This event was different in that the barricades made a peninsula coming into the pit.


After hearing the opening acts Coheed & Cambria and whoever else (not my favorite acts by far) it was finally time for LP. Thankfully the contact high wasnt too bad, and standing by the peninsula totally paid off when chester came down during one of the songs and shook everyone's hand. I got it on video with my camera with him shaking my hand :)


Otherwise, the concert was memorable in that chester was sick, and they had talked of cancelling the show but decided to change the setlist a little and play it anyway. you could really tell chesters voice hurt, as he asked the audience to sing along a lot and didnt really scream like you would think. My favorite part is when Chester said "If you dont want to be here, then get the **** out, we'll refund your ****ing money . But even though I'm sick I'm still here for you guys if you want to stay" (or something to that effect). Everyone cheered and (I dont think) anyone left.


Overall a fun time!



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