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08-22-2007 Projekt Revolution, Clarkston MI


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This was my first Linkin Park live show, and it will not be my last. Though others tend to say those exact words, you may find my reasoning just a tiddly bit different.


I had gotten my tickets weeks before, and realized soon after that Myspace as broadcasting the show live online. Immediately, I was stoked. Not only was I buying the DSP, but also I knew my family in the Linkin Park Community would have a rip of the pro shot video. I knew I'd always have the memories.


The day of the show started with a hectic morning. Thunderstorms galore. Here in Michigan, weather is extreme, and a versatile. I was getting together all of my promotional materials, (I work with Roadrunner Records, doing artist promotion at shows kind of like a street team. Madina Lake was on this tour, and so I was there to work for them as well.) When I got to the venue, I was hit with a wall of emotion. Thousands of Linkin Park fans cheering and running around inside the maze of a venue. It was the day I had been waiting for my entire life.


I headed over to the second stage where I planned to watch Madina Lake. They were the first band I believe, so I went quickly. I went up to the security gate and flashed my second stage VIP pass to meet Madina, and met them that day for the first time. After their set, I was told it was Styles Of Beyonds turn. I loved them ever since pre-Fort Minor. And I was ready to see 'em in action. Moments later, as my girlfriend and I conversed backstage, Mike Shinoda and the guys of SOB were literally standing 5 feet away from me just chatting it up. I decided it was now or never to go up to the man that put me in music, so I went up and introduced myself. He was very kind. Asked if I wanted an autograph, if I was enjoying the show. Even invited me to the LPU meet and greet. (I was in the LPU for 2 years, but stopped the year I actually went to a show.) He signed my backstage pass and my ticket, and told me that if I ever see him again we need to come up with a code word so he'll remember me. I won't say that here, but it is definitely memorable.


Here's me and Mike right before he went onstage to rock with SOB.




Then, SOB finally came on. Amazing show. I remember the moment Mike told me he was going to go on stage with them, my soul fluttered. I was jamming along to my favorite SOB songs, and sooner or later I realized the entire crowd was not feeling them. I felt bad for the guys, seeing as they were a rap band at a rock show. But they were strong, sounding solid and I dug it. Sweet set.


Skip forward to what we all had been waiting for. I had found my seat and was awaiting Linkin Park to hit the stage. MCR had just gotten done, and we were all in that "in between time" as we grabbed some snacks and our last minute red bulls. Then, the lights went out. We began to hear the intro, and seeing the silhouettes of the guys. My balls were now in my throat. I remember counting to three and hearing one step closer begin to blare out of the monitors. It was game time.


Every single song sounded spot on almost. With the exception of a few new tracks from M2M where Chester seemed a little off key. Nobody is perfect. They played all of my favorite songs, and then some. With an amazing new POA intro with Dolla by FM. I was in heaven. Mike Shinoda rapped better than I had heard him rap in years, and Brad Deslon did not mess up one time on the guitar. It all was flowing together like a well oiled machine.


I remember one line in particular that Chester said to us. It goes as follows "How you guys feeling otu there!" *Crowd roars* "well if you feel as good as you look you must be feeling fantastic." And mike even had to laugh at that. "Are you calling Detroit sexy Chester?" Mike asked him. And Chester's response was the killer. "I'm saying this may be one of the sexiest fucking shows I've ever played at" I will never forget that. Ever.


Then the crowd pleaser near the end came on. It was time to chant along with bleed it out. the already high energy track was pushed up a notch. and the entire crowd was clapping and chanting along. This was the first time I heard Rob Bourdon do a drum solo. I was so impressed. he does not get much credit for his work as a drummer, but I tell you the entire audience that day no longer questions his talent. It was nice to see LP Give him some spotlight for a change.


Then, it was time to smooth things down. With the little things give you away. Beautiful track performed gorgeously. Chester's vocals as well as strange hippie dancing really pulled this song together. I am a very political person and I agree with everything this song stands for, and I was behind it all the way.


When it came time to end the show. I could think of no better way to end it. Faint was played and the entire band seemed to kick it up a notch. At that point I had never heard the new ending, so I was immediately blown away. Chester's power screams were delivered with a mighty low end/rhythm section being played graciously by Pheonix, and a powering palm mute driven power chord progression by Mr. Delson. The final scream let out, and the entire audience was speechless.


Goodnight Detroit! We were all hit with the LP bomb, and I just hope we get attacked again soon.

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