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29.06.08 Projekt Revolution Europe, Milton Keynes UK


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Review I wrote for a uni project, kind of a review for the DVD but same difference.


In late November, Californian sextet Linkin Park will be releasing their epic Projekt Revolution gig on DVD filmed at the National Bowl, Milton Keynes.

The road to revolution starts here...

“This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life” exclaimed lead singer Chester Bennington, as he stood amongst the thousands of fans that had packed into the Bowl. Little did the fans know, that as they sang along with their idols, the show was being filmed to be released as a CD/DVD combo pack showcasing the show in all its pro-shot, 5.1 surround sound glory. This was the biggest Projekt Revolution to date, which was first held in 2002. The record still stands, which is impressive considering the bands following in America.

The DVD features 19 out of the 22 songs performed, with hit after hit from their back catalogue all included. The decision to drop some tracks isn’t without its critics, including noticeable unrest within their fan base due to the exclusion of favourites ‘Papercut’ and ‘Points Of Authority’. However, in response to this, band emcee Mike Shinoda has reassured fans via his online blog that “the rest of the stuff will be made available to you, though... you’ll see!” As of writing this article it is still not clear what this means exactly, but as the release date draws nearer these details are expected to be revealed. The cutting of songs has been put down to CDs only being able to hold about 74 minutes of audio, the band wanted to pick a set list that flowed nicely and keep the DVD consistent with the CD audio as well.

Nevertheless, although some songs are missing, what remains is still a blistering spectacle. A mix of heavy riffs and screams, including debut single ‘One Step Closer’ and ’Given Up’, contrasted by quieter melodic pieces, such as ‘Pushing Me Away’ (a delicate piano rendition) and ’The Little Things Give You Away’, await the eyes and ears of viewers... and none of it disappoints. The whole show is a blend of energy and emotion, from the hard hitting, daring opener to the closing party mix of ‘Bleed It Out’, with a bit of crowd participation thrown in for good measure before the band jams into a ending that sends fans home with smiles on their faces and a concert to talk about for many days to come.

Towards the end of the show, co-headlining rapper Jay-Z joined the band to perform tracks from their 2004 collaboration album ‘Collision Course’. While they have come together for six performances in the past, most notably at Live 8 in Philadelphia, this was the first time the two sets of artists have collaborated outside of the States. They ran through an abbreviated version of their hit single ‘Numb/Encore’ before launching into a version of ‘Jigga What/Faint’ that sent the crowd into a frenzy and featured one of the highlights of the band’s touring cycle - an ‘80s inspired rock-heavy, frantic outro that is sure to make crowds go wild.

This is to be Linkin Park’s second live album, the first being 2003’s ‘Live In Texas’. In comparison to the previous DVD, it is clear to see how much Linkin Park have progressed from their days as the leaders of the nu-metal genre, to being one of the leaders in the world of rock. While showing a considerable amount of experimentation within the group, ‘Minutes To Midnight’ has provided even more hard hitters to their already incredible musical arsenal and the group are showing no sign of slowing down. With word of a new conceptual album in the pipeline, expected some time in 2009, Linkin Park are a band still very much at the forefront of their genre.

‘Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes’ is set for a UK release on November 24 and is available for pre-order from many websites, including the bands own where it can be bought with a t-shirt sporting ‘Road To Revolution’ style motif. This is one live album not to be missed.

A revolution is coming... are you ready?

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