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WIC Video Idea


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Not that it will ever happen.. but I came up with an idea for a video for Walking In Circles.....


Start off with the band playing in a dumpy bar somewhere on a little stage. A few people sitting around little tables, huddled around their drinks, clearly not happy. When the singing starts, switch to Chester walking through a park. People walking by, people on bikes, people flying kites. The thing is, they all have paper bags over their heads. Chorus kicks in..... back to the bar. End of second chorus, scene has switched to Chester walking through a cemetery. There's a man being buried, he's also got a paper bag over his head. The man's "soul" is lifted up out of his body and brought to "heaven". He's put in front of "God" (something resembling the Lincoln memorial), and "God" removes the bag from over his head. The man is turned into a baby. Scene switches to a hospital room with that baby being born. The babies born, cord cut, and bag placed over it's head. Second chorus, back to the bar, band playing again. Bridge starts. A bunch of men burst into the room. They tackle and arrest everyone sitting around the tables (the guys that are arrested are NOT wearing paper bags). Everything is the room has been thrown around, and the place is completely abandoned except for the band still playing on the small stage. Third chorus. The people from the bar are lined up on the gallows. Chester is watching helplessly. They are hung and a view of their feet is shown. Chester continues walking, but ends up back in the park. He looks to the distance and sees the cemetery. The camera zooms out to an overhead view. Chester is lost in an endless circle. Song ends.


If you listen to the song and try to imagine it, I think it fits really well.

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