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07.06.08 Festimad Sur'08, Madrid, Spain


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When i noticed that LP is coming to Spain i ran looking for tickets for the show.


Madrid is 500km from my city so i had to travel to Madrid with some time to stay in first row at the concert. Six hours in a bus i spend to be in Madrid (i wake up at 6 am. My bus go out at 8am and arrive in Madrid at 2pm) but finally i was there. I took the underground to be in Leganes (a town near Madrid) because the concert was there. I was in the queue at 15:30 and the doors shall open at 17:30. When i was into the bullring (the concert was played there) i tried to be in the firsts rows but i couldn't do it.


At 18:00 the first band appeared. They were a spanish hard rock band called Nunnery. They probably sounded cool but the sound system there sucks... Anyway they tried to excite the people there. At 19:00 the second band went into the stage. They were the scotish band The Blackout. They were good but had the same problem of Nunnery. At 20:00 the third band appeared and i was so nervous because i knew who they are: LostProphets. I jumped and sang along their songs. At 21:30 they finished their show and the stage started to change to LP. A white background with the LP logo rised up at the bottom of the stage.


The appearance of LP was planned at 22:00 but it was 22:15 and there weren't any trace of them. At 23:00 the lights turn off and started to sound the entrance of No more sorrow. At 0:30 the show finished and i was too happy and excited. That was my first LP's show.


The sound problems still existed when LP arrived but they had to use their own sound system to play. That was the reason of the delay but they sounded really cool. All was clear and i understood all the instruments and the lyrics.

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