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Linkin Park - Meteora World Tour


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Little Rock, AR

This was my first Linkin Park concert ever and it was a blast. I waited in line for 5 hours and get the spot I wanted right up front on the left side of the pit. Right before Linkin Park's set started, Markku (Bassist) for Hoobastank came down to talk to me and the guy behind me. I had no clue who this was at the time but the guy behind me was a hardcore Hoobastank fan. The guy behind me asked Markku if he could get Chester's signature on his arm or something somehow....and Markku said he would see what he could do. Well about halfway through Linkin Park's set (encore I think..since it was sorta quiet), Chester's ex wife (Samantha) came out and just talked to us for a while. It was definitely a cool thing. We didn't ever get a signature but it was just cool to talk to someone who was married to the lead singer of my favorite band.


Some funny things that happened at the show...

Someone threw glow-sticks at Mike.

Someone threw a bouncy ball at Brad and I remember Brad pointing at the guy with an angry face.

Mike got on the ground and smacked Phoenix's ass during Lying From You.

That's about it. Awesome show..I miss the old days.


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did they call someone onto the stage from the crowd to play faint?

Nope. I was hoping they would so bad..because I had a fair chance being up there at the front...but nope they just moved right along with the show. :( It was still good though.
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