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A Thousand Suns, Your thoughs and Reviews?


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Well as you know the album is out there. We got the chance to hear what all radio DJs and everything though of it, now its your turn.


PLEASE NOTE: if you havent heard the album yet and dont want to know anything about it, then i would recomend you staying away from this page.


With that said, Lets get into it.

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I have listened it about 15 times from the first to the last track, so here's my opinion:



01. The Requiem | 10/10

Best album intro song ever, hands down. Escape by 30S2M was my previous favorite, but this one own all.

02. The Radiance | 7/10

They should have made Requiem and Radiance one track, it would be nice, but as a separated track, The Radiance is nothing special

03. Burning in the Skies | 9/10

Too pop-ish sound, but still i love it.

04. Empty Spaces | 1/10

Lame idea to put 18 second track on this record, to make the songs number bigger ...

05. When They Come for Me | 9/10

Middle finger to all the haters from Mike, fuck yeah.

06. Robot Boy | 8/10

Quite strange track, but I like it

07. Jornada del Muerto | 8/10

Not my favorite interlude from the album, but still small and nice track

08. Waiting for the End | 10/10

One of my favorite

09. Blackout | 10/10

Pwnzor song

10. Wretches and Kings | 8.5/10

I like this track, but speeches are very annoying

11. Wisdom, Justice, and Love | 7/10

I don't like the whole speech-concept at all, but this is not that bad

12. Iridescent | 10/10

Very nice song

13. Fallout | 10/10

My fav interlude from the album..very nice addition to The Catalyst' intro

14. The Catalyst | 9/10

Firstable i hate it, but this song grew on me lately

15. The Messenger | 9/10

Not that huge fan of these kind of songs, but it is good and chilling track


Overall Rating: 8.9/10

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1. The Requiem: 10/10

- the best intro of an album ever!!!


2. The Radiance: 8/10

- good, but should have been a part of the requiem


3. Burning in the Skies: 7/10

- too much pop

- good guitar bridge


4. Empty Space: 0/10

- WTF?


5. When They Come for Me: 10/10

- best track of the album imo

- great heavy beat and great rapping


6. Robot Boy: 6/10

- a bit to much “boyband-style” im

- i can't hear ANY guitar except in the very short outro

- all in all pretty catchy


7. Jornada del Muerto: 9/10

- the best interlude of the album imo


8. Waiting for the End: 9/10

- very good and catchy chorus

- good guitar but there should have been more


9. Blackout: 10/10

- really great screams

- love the army drum beat

- i want to see it live


10. Wretches and Kings: 10/10

- a nu metal song transfered into the realms of “a thousand suns”

- will melt face live


11. Wisdom, Justice, and Love: 5/10

- good speech but i don't need this track


12. Iridescent: 10/10

- great song

- one synth line sounds exactly like the synth line of Snow Patrol's “Just Say Yes”


13. Fallout: 3/10

- i don't like it very much

- fades great into...


14. The Catalyst: 10/10

- very atmospheric but in the same time one of the heavier songs of the album


15. The Messenger: 10/10

- great voice, great guitar


Experience when listened from beginning to end: 9/10


Overall album rating: 8.0/10

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1. The Requiem: 10/10

EPIC ! nothing else...


2. The Radiance: 10/10

gives me chills...


3. Burning in the Skies: 9/10

-great lyrics

-loving mike's part

4. Empty Space: x/10

...i'm not gonna count that


5. When They Come for Me: 10/10



6. Robot Boy: 7/10

-good lyrics

-kinda repetitive... i like it but it's the track i like least in the album ( not counting Empty Spaces )

7. Jornada del Muerto: 9/10

great interlude... Like the Japanese part XD ( yup! it's japanese )


8. Waiting for the End: 10/10

-Rapping and singing both great

-The lyrics are incredible !

9. Blackout: 10/10



10. Wretches and Kings: 10/10



11. Wisdom, Justice, and Love: 10/10

-best interlude in my opinion

-good speech

-i like how the voice changes into an evil/robotic ( almost scary voice )

-brings tears to my eyes...

12. Iridescent: 10/10

-...and then the tears fall down

-Mike's singing is BEAUTIFUL ! You feel the sadness in his voice ( his voice made me cry more )

-Love the Chorus

-Beautiful lyrics

-The whole band sings the chorus...No comment.



13. Fallout: 7/10

-not much to say. just not bad.


14. The Catalyst: 10/10



15. The Messenger: 9/10

- never heard chester singing like this before...beautiful


Experience when listened from beginning to end: 10/10

-Really brings you to a journey...and WHAT A JOURNEY ! :D


Overall album rating: 50/10 XD

best LP album. :)

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Burning In The Skies

-Strong opening

-Has some resemblance to What I've Done and New Divide but with less upfront guitars

-Beautiful lyrics and singing from both Mike and Chester

-Potential single


When They Come For Me

-Heavy, tribal-like drumming backed by a thick beat

-Love the aggression to the rap

-Could have been a bit better had it had chorus


Robot Boy

-Least favorite

-All three verses sounded like they should've been choruses

-The vocals are soothing nonetheless

-Could have easily been titled Weight of the World


Waiting For The End

-Has a reggae ting to it

-Love the rapping. I think it's some of Mike's best bars

-The outro is the highlight of the track

-If promoted right it could do big things on the charts



-Sounds like two different songs lodged together

-Chester's screams are top notch

-The bridge and Chester's verses are something new

-Probably the most creative song on the album


Wretches And Kings

-Signature LP only with heavy electronic beats

-Aggressive all the way through

-The scratching from Mr. Hahn is the icing on the cake

-Will probably be the crowd sing along track



-Very chilling from beginning to end

-Mike's singing of the melody sounds almost identical to how Chris Martin of Coldplay would sing.

-The guys singing together like a church choir only adds to the greatness

-Could also do well as a single


The Catalyst

-Blends new sounds with signature sounds

-Not much else to say that we don't already know


The Messenger

-All acoustic with underlining piano lines

-Chester gives his most emotional performance on this track

-Would have liked it if it has been a bit longer



Overall is a leg up on what most groups are today. Definitely not "genre-busting" in any way but swims neatly through a very eclectic atmosphere. Love that we've got Mike and Chester on nearly every track again. If anything, that's the one thing we got back from HT on this record.


There are only a few minor hiccups. When They Come For Me could've used a predominant chorus and Robot Boy could've worked better as a verse-chorus-verse-chorus kind of song. Other than that, this album shows a strong passion of creativity, and with LP it's only going to get better with every album.

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Dam, just realized I never put my review :(


Anyways here she is


1. The Requiem

Such a great Piece to start the album, The female robotic sounded voice is great! Also the fact shes singing lines which the album was named after is a big bonus.

I could really see this being a great Set Opener and somehow Leading into The Catalyst (with the link in lyrics and all)

RATING: 8/10


2. The Radiance

First of many political speeches/comments on the album. Not as good as the others but still a strong message.

Music backs it really well.

Leads perfectly into BITS, I could swear it was just a long into for the song (EG like the long intro with the poem on Don't Stay Live)

RATING: 8/10


3. Burning in the Skies

I really love Mike on this, His voice suits the lines so well.

The back and forth between Chester and Mike is done really well

I love the guitar track on this. Beats so much of the heavy power chord stuff from the old albums.

Also love the fact that You can hear rob acoustic drums on this when most of the other songs are majority electronic.

Mike ends it perfectly

RATING: 9/10

4. Empty Space:

Seems kinda of pointless because it doesn't fade into WTCFM at all.

But other then that its short and sweet

RATING: 7/10


5. When They Come for Me

Still little unsure about the very start. The Synth riff being very very VERY syncopated throws me off.

As it builds it getter better and better

Mike rips his verses. Really awesome flow hes got going.

I love how Mikes Used intellectuality here. Specially when he refers to POA (There's your Hybrid Theory New LP haters)

Also when he refers to the artist at the second verse (I know biggie is one aka Mo Money Mo Problems). Brilliant


Also Chester's parts seem to have a very Arab feel to them. I think only because I live in a area where Lebanese people are everywhere so i hear there music alot of the time. Both the chorus and also the outro give me that impression.


Chester's breakdown vocals own period. Same with Brad with the Megaphone!

RATING: 9/10


6. Robot Boy

Great Beat, Really Powerful lyrics. I love the tremolo picked guitar in the background (if it is guitar) as well as the synthy sounds that start towards the end.

RATING: 8.5/10

7. Jornada Del Muerto

Fades perfectly. Seems like a long outro more for RB.

Vocal build is great, same with the synthy stuff

RATING: 7/10


8. Waiting for the End

Prob tied 1st for favorite song on the album.

The beat and Mike Verses are awesome on it. Love the feel of the kit on this. Great rhythm. Then drops perfectly for Chester Vocals. Great lyrics my I add to. The Harmonie rolls in the background. Also love the doubling of the Vocals in second verse. Then mike comes back and rips it to pieces. My favorite bit. Is accompanied well with the guitar. I love the line "I though it felt right but the right was wrong". Then you got Chester Vocal Line which seems to be done on the sampler. Sounds epic!

RATING: 10/10

9. Blackout

Marching type drums over the synth then followed but a low octave piano. Great start this is. I can hear the Chester's sampled vocals in the background like shown in the videos. Chester flow is so great! It reminds me of a song but i guess that's what makes it better. Screaming is tops too. Bring on the very New Divide style chopped guitar with the dirty beat, introducing Sampled Chester! That just a great rhythm. Mike Then starts to build the song in Dynamic again with another brilliant vocal piece. Top lyrics. He is then backed by Chester. Also love the real distorted type of vocals at the end

RATING: 8.5/10


10. Wretches and Kings: 10/10

The Political intro is a great thing for the song. I love it how its at the start and then comes back during the outro.

The bring out that dirty chopped Guitar with a top beat. Mike rips his flow once again. Chorus comes and I love the reggae style vocal technique by Chester. The start of the 2nd Verse is pure epicness! Breakdown time. And yes Mr Shinoda, I am feeling what you feel so my hands are real high. There's not much else to say besides its such an amazing song. Oh and once again Hahn scratches the shit out of it. Very Hip Hopish track

RATING: 10/10

11. Wisdom, Justice, and Love

Best interlude in my opinion.

Piano suits the speech really well.

I like how the speech begins to distort. To me it kinda shows how political is all evil and that.

RATING: 8/10

12. Iridescent

HOLY SHINODA. Mike, Where has this side of you been your whole career? Dead set those Lines make me want to ball out. My I ad the piano is beautiful! Then Chester comes in and just adds that 2nd opinion to the song. Then come 2nd verse. Guitar is amazing. Clean is soo much better then distorted tones. It reminds me a little of yellows Guitar part. Musically the song is just amazing! Break down comes and hit a little bit overdrive. This bit dead set is going to be amazing when done live. The crowd will be singing this. Build up of acoustic drums. Amazing drum pattern but Bourdie on this one. I am dead set lost for words with this song. Just too good.

RATING: 10/10

13. Fallout

Robotic verse which seems to be singing Lines from Burning in the Skies. I think its cool because it Kinda links the too songs together as well as the Requiem. For example Requiem has Catalyst lyrics and leads into burning. Fallout has Burning lyrics which lead into Catalyst. Cool IMO

Also i love how as the song progresses you can can hear the original vocal recording unedited.

RATING: 7/10

14. The Catalyst

All know my opinion on the song. Now I have the entire album, I think it has dropped in Popularity for me. Still is a top song tho.

RATING: 9/10

15. The Messenger

This song seems very amateur to me. Give me time and I Most likely will like it. But with that said Chester's vocals are a standout of this track. I consider this a very acoustic track (seening there's no drums and is basically based around the acoustic Guitar) Great ending to the album tho. Basically sums up the album and puts final note as it concludes it journey

RATING: 8/10




This is prob my favorite album LP have put out and cant believe so many people are kicking it Already. Here is a low down in my Opinion

Brad/Guitar: Very Minimal on this record but its good. When the guitar there it suits it perfectly. Sounds so much better then Hybrid Theory guitar work and so on.

Pheonix/Bass: Some great bass work here, you can actually here him on an album for a change without having to adjust EQ settings

Joe: Some really top notch scratching in here. Good to see he hasn't put the turntables away. Hes going to have a lot of fun come touring. He will be a busy boy with all those synths and chopped Guitar parts, Even the electronic drums.

Rob/Drums: As much as i loved the album I really missed the acoustic drums. It seems like electronic took over for this album. For example everything on The Cataylst is electronic until the outro, Then Bourdie just rips it up! I know he most likely will play the electronic stuff on the acoustic kit (Like BTH and Crawling etc) live.

Mike: Shit dude why the fuck haven't you sung like this on every album! When I heard the chorus for Carry Me Away I was like "Damn hes got a nice voice". Your vocals on this album has just blown me away. Cant wait to hear it live.

Chester: You seem to take the back seat to Mike on this but still your present and your kicking ass. Blackout is one of your highlight tracks, period.

Piano: One thing i love about the album is the fact that Piano plays a heavy part in it. By Piano I don't mean keyboard stuff or a part that's buried in the mix like Numb. I mean Piano that stands out in the song and actually makes the song mellow. great inclusion!

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I'm not gonna rate each song, but the album is a big one . Maybe their best work since Reanimation.


I really like the energy of this CD. The music reminds me of NIN (you don't have to be heavy to prove you're a great ROCK band)..


I don't know if Waiting For the End fits well in the album (I like it for sure) with every other track being heavily electronic...


The 2 songs I didn't like during my firts listens were Robot Boy and Irridescent . And I have to say they're both from my favorites right now . There's a lot of THRICE and DREDG in those two song (take a listen to the Dredg typed guitars in Irridescent).


Did you felt like this ?

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