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Studio Pics


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There are more new pictures up on Mike Shinoda's blog of the band in the studio. Mike had this to say:


"It was just Brad and me in the studio this week, but we did get a visit from Mr. Bourdon the drum head. I took these with my phone. The other guys came in for our weekly Monday meeting, to review and discuss the songs' progression. The rest of the week Brad and I tried to figure out how to ruin the songs, HAHA. Everything is going well."




(Additional note from Mark): I've got it set up so that when you post news to the "Got News?" section on the forums, the staff can move the news to the homepage with your name still on it...so if you see something that's not on the homepage that you think should go there, throw in that section and we'll move it on over. LPLive is for the fans, by the fans, remember that.

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