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The latest GBC email:


As a fan of Get Busy Committee, you're already an honorary member of the Uzi Patrol, and as an Uzi Patrol member we'll have some special goods for you very soon. Today we have a few updates and suggestions:


If you're at SXSW this week, we're pleased to present to you Get Busy Committee live this Thursday at The Velveeta Room at 10pm. If you're in Austin, your attendance is required. Note this is an official SXSW showcase and only SXSW wristband or badge-holders will be allowed in. Others may want to check Get Busy Committee out at the DubFrequency.com party during the day on Friday, or the Stampede or House Fire parties on Saturday night. If you're not in Austin don't fear, Get Busy Committee will be playing more shows throughout 2010 and we'll keep you updated.


To celebrate our first show at SXSW, we're trying to give a Get Busy Committee sampler to everyone at SXSW. Just follow @GetBusyCommittE on Twitter foto and tweet "#gbcfree" and you'll get HALF of Uzi Does It sent to you via Twitter direct message. Tweet and ask your friends to do the same.


Check out Spinner.com's Get Busy Committee SXSW interview for a show preview.


We have just 30 days to hit our $3000+ goal and press the "UZI DID IT: Platinum Vinyl" limited edition picture disc. Since the $1000 vinyl sold in less than 24 hours we've added some extra special premiums. Come by now to have dinner with GBC and special guests, get one of FIVE hand-written lyric sheets, or to actually SIT and MAKE A BEAT with Apathy or Scoop Deville!


If you haven't already, check out the UNCENSORED HD version of the I Don't Care About You video, embed it on your blog, send it to a friend.


If you missed the leak on the Get Busy Committee with Da Beatminerz track Left Behind, well, don't be.


Finally, if you haven't bought one of the USB Uzis because you never, ever, for any reason leave Facebook, you can now buy one WITHOUT LEAVING FACEBOOK. Come on by to grab on Uzi before you forget, again.


See you in Austin,



Join the GBC mailing list for full links.

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