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MIDI from DBS?


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Cool thx...

The problem is i need a midi there the vocal is on a own line, so i can use the midi vocal line for the songs tone pitches...

Is somebody interessted in UltraStar Linkin Park and Dead By Sunrise Songs?

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Here you go. I used NoteWorthy Composer. It's a good program in my opinion. Someone call me a pro because I did New Divide. It sucks a lot. :lol:





It probably went through a good upload session. I never used 4shared before.

Btw: The New Divide inside is the newest and corrected version. The LP midi you download from other sites suck a lot, for example: What I've Done. It's pathetic. I revise my midis frequently so that you guys can get the best quality. My steps towards musician ;) ;) .

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Share the MIDI you have with me. I will like to hear it and rate it. :lol:



I'm sorry to those two who dl'ed the file at the wrong time. Rename the file as 'MIDI Pack 1.rar'. It's a RAR file. I've fixed it.


Second Pack out with Walking in Circles. Taken me a night to finish it.

Download it Here


Thanks to: Astat - for the guitar solo. The blues part. I'm not a guitarist and never played a blues song before.

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