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My Friend (who is also LPLive user called PhoenixSzG) said that Mike left a new message about LPU 9.0 cd on LPU Message Board....I cant confirm it, cuz my LPU membership expired, but he is reliable


There’s a rumor going around that the next LPU (9) CD might have some unreleased demos on it. I can neither confirm nor deny it, nor can I confirm nor deny that I am the one who started the rumor. I can also neither confirm nor deny whether or not I am confusing myself and/or you.


thx to PhoenixSzG for information

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I think that too...

I hope we dont get any live track again...i hope there will be some demo from the Hybrid Theory process and some from the M2M process....maybe grecian and more...i want to hear that song in full version. And what about "japan"? :D

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