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8/8/07 Charlotte,NC


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So, to start this off, this was one of the greatest days of my life. I love Linkin Park with a passion, and the second I found out that they were going to be playing here, I freaked. I counted down the days, I listened to them even more than usual, I watched Youtube videos, everything. Finally, the day came, and I was exploding with excitement. I didn't know about LPL at this point, and I wasn't a member of the LPU yet, so I was excited thinking about what songs they might play. I got there early and watched Madina Lake play, they were pretty good. Styles of Beyond wasn't playing that day, which was disappointed. Me and my friends weren't too interested in the other bands so we went to our seats to chill and talk. Eventually, Julien-K came out and played, they weren't too bad, but I had no idea who they were yet. HIM was decent, Ville Valo seemed high as a kite though. Taking Back Sunday was next, and they got everybody moving and excited. Great band. Finally, My Chemical Romance started playing. I'm a big MCR fan, so I had a blast during their set. Great performance, at one point someone tossed Gerard a boa and he wore it for a couple songs. After they were done, the entire place was packed, and everybody, especially me, was going crazy with excitement. The second those lights went out, the place fucking blew up. I was going nuts, so excited to see my favorite band of all time. I never in a million years thought they would open with No More Sorrow, but as soon as I recognized it I flipped out. The curtain flying off when the song picks up was just pure genius. Everybody went crazy. Lying From You was next, and everybody was jumping and singing along, having a great time. Somewhere I Belong gave us some down time, not for me though, I just kept on singing every word, losing my mind. Wake started and I recognized it immediately, so I got my hands up to start clapping for Given Up, which a lot of people had fun with. After that, I had a great moment as they played my favorite song by them, From The Inside. Papercut was awesome, it's fun as hell live. Then Mike starts rapping all of the sudden, and I recognize it near the end as Petrified, so I'm like "HOLY SHIT THEY'RE GONNA PLAY A FORT MINOR SONG!". Turned out to be Points Of Authority, which is even better, that's my favorite live song they play. Hands Held High surprised the hell out of me. I was the only one in my area who knew all the words, and everybody was staring haha. Then Joe did some gunshot samples, which I found funny. Numb has never been one of my favorites, but I didn't give a shit, I went nuts just the same. Chester took his shirt off before Pushing Me Away, and everybody started screaming. XD I sang along to Pushing Me Away, and we all cheered Chester on when he took that pause near the end of the song. I love Breaking The Habit, I loved hearing everybody singing it together. Shadow Of The Day was nice, Brad messed up on the guitar solo lol. Something I just remembered, I LOVED the images on the screen behind the band. I wish they still had that. Everybody sang their hearts out for Crawling. The Little Things Give You Away also surprised me, and again, I was the only one who knew all the words. What I've Done began, and all the energy in the crowd came back, and Chester had us sing the entire bridge. It was immediately followed by In The End, which everybody freaked for and sang loud as hell. One Step Closer was fucking kickass, the pit went nuts, and everybody was loud as FUCK. The band then left the stage, and everybody started cheering and chanting, and banging on the seats, making as much as humanly possible. Then good old Mr. Hahn stepped onstage and did an awesome remix of Cure For The Itch. Earlier, before the show started, me and my friends were joking about how amazing it would be if they played QWERTY. We all decided it would never happen. Well, guess what. They fucking played it. Most people didn't recognize it at all, but I was dancing and screaming my ass off to it. They fucking tore that shit up. I'm so glad I got to see that shit live. Bleed It Out was next, and it got everybody else dancing and clapping and having a great time. The drum solo was yet another surprise to me, and I cheered like mad for Rob when he tore it up. Doing the Ooooh thing with Chester was great. Finally, Faint came up to finish off the show. The outro is soooo fucking epic. As the band got ready to go, I held up my big ass Linkin Park bag that I brought with me. Mike looked straight at me and pointed, smiling and waving. I don't have any words to describe how I felt at that point. The night ended with me throwing up outside the venue, and throwing up again at home, then passing out in the guest bed. What an amazing day.



Memorable quotes:


Texted to the big screens in the amphitheatre: "Who's Julien-K, eh?"

Reply: "I'm Julien!"

Another reply: "Julien-K is a band, dude."


Chester: "You guys are sounding great, thank you so much. I do have to say though, you could be a little fucking louder when you sing, you know what I mean? Just in case you're self-conscience, no one here gives a fuck, dude. No one out here gives a fuck. So sing loud and proud, you know, like you're at church on Sunday, you know what I'm saying?"


Chester: "Hey, let's hear it for the rest of the bands that played here today. You know, it's a great honor to play with a lot of bands that have so much talent, you know, they make great music but most importantly they're really down-to-earth guys. They're all fucking cool, you know what I mean? It's been great getting to know everybody out here and, in my opinion this is the best Projekt Revolution so far, it's definitely the biggest one. But what really makes these days special and amazing, are you guys out there. You know none of us, none of these bands up on these stages would be anything without you guys. So we just want to thank you guys for making this possible for us and sharing this day of music, you know what I mean?"


Mike: "So you guys...um.....you're pretty fucking awesome. *Crowd screams, Mike laughs* Hold on, I'm gonna give you this...who wants the sweatiest bandana in the universe? This thing is doing me no good, it was supposed to catch my sweat so that it didn't get my hand all slippery..."

Chester: "And now it's just collected so much that all it's doing is dripping shit all over you." *Mike laughs*

Mike: "Hey you guys listen, when we were working on Minutes To Midnight, we didn't know how the fans were gonna react to it because it was a little bit different, and I know a lot of people had been waiting a long time, we didn't know if we could live up to that expectation. And we just wanted to say thanks for sticking with us."


As In The End begins:

Chester: "This song's dedicated to Tera. She's a new friend of ours. It was wonderful meeting you, it's an honor. This songs for you."


After In The End:

Chester: "Thank you. *Points to the lawn* Those motherfuckers were loud down there, dude. That was amazing. *One Step Closer starts, crowd goes apeshit* I wanna see you get fucking crazy, all right?"


Right before the bridge during One Step Closer:

Mike: "Crazy motherfuckers in the pit, let's do this as loud as you can, come on!" (You can hear Mike very clearly on the DSP of this, yelling shut up loud as hell, sooooo fucking epic.)


Over the amazing QWERTY riff:

Mike: "You guys want some more?" *Crowd gets loud as fuck*


Mike: "Ladies and gentlemen, have you had a good fucking time today or what? If you guys had a good time, two hands up like this! Let's go, you can be a part of this song, just put em together! *Starts Bleed It Out*


After Rob's drum solo:

Mike: "Thank you, Rob. That was sick. I thought that was a good one, that was a nice one tonight, that was real nice....well, you could of done better."


Mike: "Hey we just wanna say real quick, before we go, that you guys have been fucking exceptional."

Chester: "This is a great crowd tonight."

Mike: "We had a lot of fun, thank you guys for making it so, we hope you had fun too. Let's get some energy going as we take this one out."




Shit, I love Linkin Park.

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