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23.07.2009 Graz, Austria, Stadthalle


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hey guys,


this is marth from Graz, Austria again....


to start with, I have to say, that I really did not expect to write a review of an Linkin Park show again after my last year's review (which you find here ), because it was quite a surprise to hear that Linkin Park will be touring again this year...in fact, I would never have dreamed that they would be coming to my city again...


this show was not as fastly sold out as the one last year...but nevertheless quite fast...:D


I thougt that there would not be that many peploe queuing up at noon, because it was one of the hottest days in Graz this year so far (37 degrees celsius, that's about 99 degrees fahrenheit I guess...) but the amount of people there at this time was, well, giant..

like last year, I queued up at like 2pm, and due lucky and partly unfair circumstances, I managed to overtake like another 100 people...

I had a great time the whole afternoon, lots of interesting conversations about LP and also some bets about the first song (which I won, because I already expected the setlist of Athens and Istanbul...;) )


when they opened the hall, I used my athletic power to sprint to the front and got into the first row...:D


there was a girl right next to me, who said, that she had queued up the day before at 3 pm, and slept in front of the hall...you should have seen her face, when I told her that I had been there 23 hours later, and still got the same place she got during the show...

due the lack of water, the heat during the show and maybe chester's HOT, tatooed and sweaty naked upper part of his body (I am not gay) she, well, fainted during...faint (i know this sounds unreal, but it was quite funny - but never mind, she wasn't pretty xD )...so again...stupidity deserves punishment :)


we waited quite a long time until the support Funeral for a Friend came to the stage and played about an hour or less. they were okay, but like last year Enter Shikari by far not as good as LP xD


after another eternity it suddenly became dark and "Session" started to rock the whole hall, and everyone went crazy...this intro was REALLY powerful, and amazing...one of the best moments this evening.


i was praying for another setlist, but after "Given Up" had started, I knew it would be the expected one...a bit disappointed, but still rocking I took out my cellphone and twittered the first two songs, so that you guys could read the setlist on Lplive.net... I was busy at the beginning of each song..but it was great anyway :D


"From The Inside" and "Somewhere I Belong" were really cool, and warmed us up...


the "No More Sorrow" intro was pretty cool, and the beginning of "Lying From You" was one of the rare moments this evening when the band interacted with the crowd...


the new intro of "Points Of Authority" with the first "Petrified" verse was very hip-hopish and funny, while there was no A Place For My Head Outro, only the regular "There They Go"


"What I've Done" was performed very powerful and bright, while "Leave Out All The Rest" was greater than last year in terms of musicality, because Chester's voice was not as exhausted as last year during the big tour...but anyway I think that the vibe last year was better, because everyone had the cellphones and lighters up in the air, and the band really talked to us about the song and the video etc in 2008...


"Numb" was one of the loudest songs, because everyone sang along (I hope you will hear that on the DSP)


there was a very long and also very cool piano intro to "Breaking the Habit" which really felt epic..


During "Shadow Of The Day" I recorded a video, which I put on youtube...hope you like it


There was a quite big, dark break before "Crawling" where mike said quietly that he he was nervous but was going to do it a little differently...and then: SURPRISE - 2nd verse of HandsHeldHigh over Crawling intro for the FIRST TIME EVER! ...I knew this was and historical moment...


"Bleed It Out" surprised with his new, very advanced Drum Intro...


After this one, there was the encore break and we all went crazy, because we wanted to have mooore!

finally Mike got onto the stage and played a deep note with his virus-whatever-thing-instrument...and he pulled the tone up and down very slowly for about a minute - this was the intro to the great "New Divide" which was, in my opinion very outstanding and kickasss and probably the best song of the whole evening :D


"Faint" was very funny, as I already mentioned, and "One Step Closer" was a dignified finale...


After the show I managed to meet Mark(Hahninator) and Jonas(AndOne), two really amazing guys. We discussed about the show and the next shows etc. a very rich conversation among Linkin Park freaks from all over the world...We also took a photo (below), which is very adverse, because a drunk fan from Vienna made it in the wrong moment :D


Summing up, it was a very exciting show, with a Best Of setlist, not including specialities like Valentines Day or In Pieces last year, but nevertheless very powerful and bright, they could have interacted more with the crowd...they didn't even said "hello graz" or something...but that's no big problem...the show was just unique and great...


I took some quite cool pictures of the show and a video, which can be found



Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image



about 11.000 people at this show



01. Session

02. Given Up

03. From The Inside

04. Somewhere I Belong

05. No More Sorrow (w/ long intro)

06. Lying From You

07. Points Of Authority (w/ new intro; Petrified over intro, There They Go over outro)

08. What I've Done (w/ AMBO intro)

09. Leave Out All The Rest

10. Numb

11. Breaking The Habit (w/ early 2007 intro)

12. Shadow Of The Day

13. Crawling (w/ Hands Held High 2nd Verse intro)

14. In The End

15. Bleed It Out (new drum solo intro)


16. New Divide

17. Faint

18. One Step Closer


Hope you enjoyed reading ;)


greetings from austria,



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