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"Lost" samples in "Mister Hahn F***s Up Meteora Style".

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Cool little thing I stumbled across today, so this vinyl was used by Joe for Meteora songs live back in the day.

Side B along with Numb and Session, there are 2 samples that are specific to Lost.

24:12  (The other two are Numb's, but the vocal "AH" sample belongs to Lost's verse.)

25:26  (This is on both Numb and Lost I think but this version is from the first half of Lost's bridge, with Joe doing cool in and out effects with it.)


Time stamps are 24:12, and 25:28 (NOISE WARNING)



They typically got all of the samples and sounds that Joe does his scratching on for live shows ready on the vinyl during mixing which we know Lost did make it through for Meteora. Interesting to find this again now, I forgot about it.

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