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Kenji, a Mike Shinoda ''Greatest Hits'' idea

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Hi. When we talk about a possible new release from the band or MS, the hype is always high and that's what I love.

While waiting, I decided to develop and think about a possible ''best of'' of Mike's stuff.

Clarification: not a true Greatest Hits of solo successes, collaborations and LPs. But more based on my personal tastes and what I think is right for a person to listen to understand mike's prism.

Below is the tracklist and the album name.



Mike Shinoda presents:



01. Already Over (2:40)

02. Remember The Name (feat. Styles Of Beyond) (3:50)

03. Welcome (3:32)

04. Invisible (feat. LINKIN PARK) (3:34)

05. Promises I Can’t Keep (3:22)

06. Where’d You Go (feat. Holly Brook and Jonah Matranga) (3:51)

07. Dedicated (3:11)

08. Just Math (2:41)

09. Fine (3:36)

10. The Last Line (feat. LINKIN PARK) (3:41)

11. So Far Away (feat. LINKIN PARK) (2:50)

12. In My Head (feat. Kailee Morgue) (2:52)

13. Open Door (3:05)

14. Enjoy The Silence (Reinterpreted) (3:34)

15. Waiting For Tomorrow (feat. Martin Garrix and Pierce Fulton) (4:06)

16. Massive (feat. LINKIN PARK) (3:08)

17. Crossing A Line (4:02)

18. Sorry For Now (feat. LINKIN PARK) (3:23)

19. Ziggurats (6:12)

20. No Roads Left (feat. LINKIN PARK) (3:48)

21. Running From My Shadow (feat. Grandson) (3:24)

22. Kenji (3:51)



What do you think?
What would be your ideal setlist and album name?

Did I forget something in the tracklist?

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