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Songs that can be a sequel.


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I remember the scene from YouTube "Linkin Park Reacts To A Linkin Park Show From 2001", when Mike Shinoda mentioned that without "Pushing Me Away", they would've not written "Numb". Something tells me that there are some songs can be a sequel (direct or indirect). For example:


One Step Closer > Don't Stay


Pushing Me Away > Numb


Papercut > In The End > Waiting For The End


Faint > Bleed It Out


Grr > Cure For The Itch > Session


What I've Done > New Divide > Iridescent (Transformer 1-3)


The ">" means sequel


Comment down below on which songs you believe that are sequel to predecessor (direct or indirect).

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One Step Closer > Figure.09

And One > With You > Catharsis

Stick N Move > Runaway > Wastelands

No More Sorrow > Victimized > A Line In The Sand

Blue > Crawling

Carousel > Lost In The Echo

Rhinestone > Forgotten

Fuse > Figure.09 [Demo 2002]

Faint > Madison > Blackout > White Noise

... and many more, but I am lazy to think about it now, lol.

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Pictureboard > From The Inside

Could Have Been > In The End

Coal > Dialate

Pushing Me Away > Lost

Lost > Numb

Lost > Nobody's Listening

Coal > Hurry > So Far Away > Soundtrack

Coal > Pods (1, 2, and 3)

Asbestos > Given Up

Pale > Hands Held High

After Canada > Hands Held High

The Wizard Song > Lost

Points Of Authority > Pretend To Be

Chance Of Rain > In Pieces

Can't Hurt Me > Heavy

QWERTY > Lies Greed Misery


I'm pretty sure there are more, but these are the ones that I know of for now.

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