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DJ Lethal Interested in Remixing "Cry to Yourself" ("State of the Art")


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In a series of Instagram stories, DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit posted a few songs he is working on revisiting from his unreleased solo album. One of these was an acapella he posted of "Cry to Yourself", a 2001 song he did with Chester under the title "State of the Art" as it was known for years. This song ended up not coming out but was partially aired on San Diego radio's Skratch 'N Sniff show in July 2004 by DJ Lethal himself. It was then leaked to us in full via a private message in 2009, which we then posted.

From the song's Linkinpedia page: "Right before Linkin Park's European tour in September 2001, the band gave an interview to OnStage where Mr. Hahn revealed Chester had recorded a track with DJ Lethal: "Chester just did a song with Cyclefly and also with DJ Lethal, and Mike and I just finished a track with the Visionaries too.""


Chester did comment on the leak, via Twitter, and said he didn't know who recorded bass, drums, and guitar on the song, but the recent tweet by Lethal indicates Limp Bizkit members may be on it as Sam Rivers appears to have laid down some bass for it.

DJ Lethal in a few recent tweets said he would like to finish the song, posting, "I would be down to with with the guys on this ! Peace. Mike and joe know where to get at me. This should be done right. I like this idea !" in response to a fan saying a full reworked orchestral version should be done, and also said "Would be cool with doing it for charity too!! Would just be cool to get it out. No pressure I was just going through my old computer files. Peace and Love"


The song has never been officially released and the mp3 quality of the leak is quite low, so a full release of it one day would be nice. The releases with Chester on them at least seem to have to be approved by Talinda Bennington. She has approved every release that we know about and have heard, except for Slash's "Crazy" track with Chester. We will see what happens!

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I don't think that Mike wants to remix or produce anything with Chester's voice.


The only way that I imagine Mike working w Chester's vocals it's if they record another album and create one last final song using an unreleased vocal.


Lethal should find a way on his own to recreate this track from scratch and put it out.

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