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Hybrid Theory (1999 Demos) Guitar tone


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Okay Okay Okay Okay, I know, that I had already made a post similar to this, but THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT, because I think i got scarily close to Brad's 1999 demo tone. Since my school closed down to a preety obvious reason that starts with a "C", i was bored out of my mind, and i was like "Hey, maybe i will finally do some research, you know, find some info about that rockingly amazing tone", nada, as i expected, so i took matters into my own hands and listened to stems of OSC, or Crawling, but again, i realised that if i wanted to REALLY discover "the tone" i had to dig deeper, right into the Xero/HT Era, i tweaked a few knobs and Bada-Boom Bada-Bing and i think its Very Very close, now unlike that idiotic theory i stated "He probs used guitar pedals", i found a purely Mesa/Boogie required tone, and with a few EQ Changes (Which probably were done originally to reduce sub and high frequencies anyway), so Here is a demo i've recorded.
The first part is the original recording of "Could Have Been", the 2nd part is my recording, and the 3rd thing is the chorus near the end which i've also recorded. Let me know if its close, or if it isnt. Im probably gonna search for that tone for a while, any bit of info helps.


EDIT: 29.10.20

So i just pushed the mic a bit away from the amp and sweet jesus, it sounds so damn close, that when i showed it to my brother he said "I like the other one better, sounds higher quality" and that was the tone i just found, so again, posting a Demo file, this time of "Blue".

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I can't listen to the example but the best way to get a tone closer to the HT stuff is just doing a EQ maching (i higly recommend watching a tutorial), you can use the multitracks since there are a lot floating around

This is an example i made of EQ matching with the Xero tape guitar tone  https://mega.nz/file/8ggDwISC#8Tb0e0hxdDWluwI4FNWaKLd7vvHTu3V1s2eoOzhw0wQ


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