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I finally cracked Brad's guitar tone


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I know, that it seems far-fetched, the legendary "And One" and HT tone discovered, but believe me when i say that i suspect what's going on in there. For Starters - Brad is always pictured (as any Nu-Metal guitarist) with a Mesa/Boogie Rectifier, double, triple, doesnt matter. What's interesting is that in the video "JAMMIN WITH HYBRID THEORY", a traditional channel switch for a Mesa amp is not  present, however there appears to be a black box in its' place  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfvUTQILjVQ, on 0:34, what confirms that it's a distortion pedal is that Brad activated it right after the clean intro. My guess is, that it's a Boss MT Metal zone, being 1999, METAL ZONE was the only alternative for a distortion pedal, but i happen to own a Turbo distortion BOSS DS-2 pedal, which is preety close. I use it on the clean channel of my Mesa Amp, with a ValveKing cab from PEAVEY,
CLEAN SETTINGS: (in o'clock)
Presence: 3
Master: 12 o'clock
Gain: 12 o'clock
Bass: 1 o'clock
Mid: none
Treble: 1 o'clock
Level: max
Tone: slightly over 3 o'clock
Distortion: Max
Turbo: I

i also want to mentoin that i use the distortion in front of the amp, if you want to get all preety for the recordings, i suggest Quadruple tracking with two turbo distortion tracks and two Mesa/Boogie distortin tracks. The Red channel settings are as follows:

Presence: 3 o'clock
Master: 1 o'clock
Gain: 4:30 o'clock
Bass: 2:30 o'clock
Mid: 9 o'clock
Treble: 2 o'clock

Now YOU can have the 1999's Hybrid Theory tone, you're welcome

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Big fan of this. could be also a Boss Heavy Metal since both of them are from the same years and share the same color.

Also i'm recreating the tone of One Step Closer with free plugins and is pretty close. i'm probably gonna posted here later

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That's absolutely not a Metal Zone. There's a white Boss delay pedal right next to it that he steps on first, and it's a completely different sized housing than whatever the black box he steps on is.


Brad using the Dual Rectifier distorted channel is the entire core of the HT sound and has been confirmed in countless interviews. There are any number of aftermarket latching footswitches that work as amp channel switchers, you don't have to use the stock one. Older Dual Rectifiers were also two-channel amps instead of the newer three-channel versions, so you only needed a single-button footswitch to operate the amp.

*Edit* Brad has the same pedal setup on the Roxy 2000 video, and there's a close-up shot of it during With You that clearly shows the second box you're referring to only has one cable coming out of it. It's an amp footswitch.


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