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Mike Shinoda Interview with SPIN


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A new Mike interview with SPIN ahead of the "Dropped Frames, Vol. 1" release on Friday has been released. Here are the highlights:


Besides the obvious, how did the collaborative process change for you on this record?

"I’ve been letting a current of chance and curiosity guide me for the past few years. Those things were important to me forever, but even more so right now. And that plays into the interconnectedness of creating things on the fly. For example, on my channel, I let fans submit song style suggestions into a bowl, and I’ll pick a few of them to mash up together. Often times, they’ll submit things I don’t know anything about or things I actually don’t like. On the stream, I’ve mashed up Kpop, melodic metal, horrorcore rap, video game music, country, and “a song in the style of the Pokemon Mew.” Keeping an open mind to the styles and finding a way to make them sound cool to my ear is often a challenge, but it’s almost always entertaining. And I learn a lot."


Did you find this to be a stopgap measure that could be a way to do things in the future or is it literally a stopgap measure?

"I think, if a vaccine was released tomorrow and everything went back to the way it was, I’d still be streaming. I definitely enjoy it and I think there’s a way for it to evolve into future creative projects."


Will there be a second volume of Dropped Frames? How do you envision it happening?

"I’m already working on Vol. 3, actually! I make so much music on the channel, there’s a lot of material to get out there. I feel like, when I get bored of doing it this way, it’ll force me to adapt."


Are you working any new material?

"Yep. The first question is always, “Linkin Park?” The answer to that is, no. I’m playing with a bunch of ideas, and when something feels ready for the world, I’ll make it known."


What about Fort Minor? 

"You never know! We’ll see if the wind blows in that direction."


Check out the full interview here.


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