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What Would Be The “Single” From Road to Revolution?


RTR’s “Official” Single  

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  1. 1. Which Would Be Considered The Single?

    • Given Up
    • What I’ve Done
    • Leave Out All The Rest
    • No More Sorrow
    • Other

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Since I remember such fun/spirited debate in the Live in Texas thread: 


I wanted to see where ppl’s heads were at when in came to Road to Revolution! What’s RTR’s “official single”? The options and the reasons:


Given Up

  • One of two performances from the concert on the official YouTube page (the other is Bleed it Out)
  • The only one with an official video release on Apple

What I’ve Done

  • This performance specifically was nominated for a Grammy


Leave Out All The Rest

  • A “single edit” was created for this performance, the audio of which appears on LOATR’s promo single CD, and the video of which appears on both the LOATR Japanese EP and the Twilight DVD

No More Sorrow

  • This performance was actually released as a “promo single,” but could it also be considered the album’s official single as well?



  • What am I forgetting? What am I missing? Should tracks that appeared on the UK Sampler also be factored in? 

Remember, this isn’t your “favorite” performance, or which one you think is “the best one,” or even the most popular, per se. It’s which one would be considered an “official single,” based on evidence! Vote and comment! 

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I think RTR in some sort received an official single. It was one of the LOATR edition with a RTR version as a first track and album version as a second, which was available on iTunes, 7digital and many more stores and it is still available here. Officially it was available only in digital format and as a promo CD.



Bleed It Out (Live At Milton Keynes)
Given Up (Live At Milton Keynes)
Breaking The Habit (Live At Milton Keynes)
Leave Out All The Rest (Live At Milton Keynes)

When I was looking for LP releases, I have noticed that all of those videos were super popular in 2008-2010, they were in most of the store/streaming platforms. BIO was the only one with the "streaming-only" option, while you could buy others. Besides the BIO all of them are on iTunes.

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