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Mike Joins "Wrong End of the Snake" Series


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‪Mike Shinoda will be a guest on “Wrong End of the Snake” with Ken "Pooch" Van Druten and Kevin "Tater" McCarthy on May 26th. "Wrong End of the Snake" is a new series by Pooch and Tater, a part of Jim Digby's Show Maker Symposium

The show will go live on YouTube on May 26th at 3:00pm EST here: https://youtu.be/i2CqQf7-JSs 


‪“Pooch and Tater team up to host a webinar exploring the sometimes irrational, always spirited relationship between Front of House & Monitor Engineers.”‬

Linkin Park fans know Pooch for his long time, great work with Linkin Park and Dead By Sunrise, having Linkin Park sound incredible on stage for eight years (2007-2015). Pooch has given tours at the LPU Summits to fans, met and signed items for fans post-show, and interacted with fans online for years. Fans know Tater as being Mike's Hollywood Bowl show MVP  and being the band's on stage monitor engineer since 2007... working with LP, Stone Temple Pilots with Chester, and Mike Shinoda's Post Traumatic Tour.


Mike said about Tater, "For all the things you saw onstage, there were a plethora of complexities at work to make them happen. Our crew is incredible, and when I say "Linkin Park Family," they are some of the people I'm talking about. Our production manager Jim and I were saying that the linchpin in the show--the guy who helped hold everything together on the stage that night--was our monitor engineer, Kevin (aka Tater). He's the guy that made sure each artist could hear themselves and each other, that every mic on every drum, every guitar, every voice was there when you needed it, that each artist could just focus on what they needed to do. With three dozen artists coming on and off stage, that is no easy feat. We love you, Tater! MVP!"

We're looking forward to the stream, particularly the technical discussion about interesting times in Linkin Park's career, particularly the "A Thousand Suns" Tour stage in the V shape.

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