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Mike Q&A Summary 5/12/2020

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Mike mentioned a few interesting things on his Q&A on May 12th, so here we are with a recap of a few select questions!

- "What was the most difficult LP song to play on the Post Traumatic Tour considering you only had two people on stage backing you?" -> "I chose Matt and Dan... with Dan, I wanted somebody who had a lot of unique style and groove, who played differently from Rob. I wanted that because I thought it would be more conducive to that and the Fort Minor stuff. Every drummer plays differently like there are subtle differences, and especially based on what kind of music they listen to and play to. Dan has a jazz background and he loves old breakbeats and stuff. He really filled that stuff in. I told our manager I wanted somebody who could play as many instruments as I could or more, and hopefully could do back up singing as well. And Matt can do that, so we covered a lot of ground. I don't think any of them were tough for us. Couldn't really do ones with dual guitars plus bass very well, that was a little a tough. The answer is none of them were really hard. It was just getting creative about how to approach things."


Mike talked about bridges of songs being a lost art in modern music. "What's a good example? Rage, "fuck you I won't do what you tell me." Woah. It's the same mode of thinking as the bridge in "One Step Closer." If not for the "shut up" part in "One Step Closer", the song would have been like... that's a good metal song / nu metal song / rock song, whatever. We finished that song, we were ready to send it out to mix. The guy who was A&R'ing us at the label, who you guys know we had a difficult relationship with... he didn't send it to the mixer that we wanted. Before we got there, he basically sent it to his boss to get mixed, his boss was a mixer, he was a good mixer, he was just not the mixer we wanted. And then they sent back the song, completely changed around. He had edited out the bridge, the "shut up" part, and put it at the start of the song. And then it happened again in the bridge. Na man. No. That is not how that works. That's like watching the movie "The Sixth Sense" and at the beginning of the movie they go - hey FYI, the main character is already dead. That's a three minute movie."

- "How is The Catalyst a positive song?" -> "In the playoff bracket, they had pitted the song "The Catalyst" against "Breaking The Habit." Without getting into the personal backdrop stories of each of those songs, I will tell you that the personal stories related to each of those songs. The "Breaking The Habit" one was very negative. "The Catalyst" one was more aspirational, like it's about more adversity and overcoming it. Like we are the oppressed and we are tired of it, we are tired of being scapegoated and oppressed. So for me, those two things beside each other... I also have more positive memories of how it related to life."




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