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Chester w/ Julien-K


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I want to use this thread to list every single possible thing Chester has done with Julien-K. We know he executive produced Death To Analog, but I am talking specifically about vocal features from him solely.




- Maestro (2004 Snippet): Released on Time Capsule, I feel like you can hear Chester in the chorus and some other parts. Could be wrong.


- Shaking (2004 Demo): Released on Time Capsule, according to Ryan, when he listened to this track again after not hearing it for years, he said he can still hear Chester singing in the high parts in the chorus because he was teaching him how to hit those notes with this song. Is he in the song? Maybe, it's hard to tell, but the fact Ryan said it leads me to believe possibly he is.


- Maestro (Rough Mix): Released on Time Capsule, I think you can still hear Chester, though not as much as the demo snippet from 2004.


- Technical Difficulties: Released on Death To Analog/Transformers 1 Soundtrack/Etc., as you can tell, the ''we are'' section in this track is different than the Time Capsule demo and rough mix, which has a digital voice saying it. During a Facebook live chat, Ryan said he was happy that Chester came in and ''did his thing'' for the final version. So is this Chester screaming we are on this version? We don't know for sure, it's been speculated for years, but I think probably since the Time Capsule versions are so different.


- Maestro: You can hear Chester on the demo snippet I believe, and I think you can still hear him in this final version. Not sure though 100%.


- Maestro (Brandon Belsky Remix): People have said for years you can hear Chester in this remix. I believe it. Sounds like him.


When it comes to live tracks, he performed with Julien-K a bunch.




- 2006.04.22 - Tempe, AZ, Club Tattoo Party. Julien-K's first show, Chester sat side stage the entire time (while wasted LOL) and came out during Technical Difficulties to do his ''we are'' scream.


- 2006.12.29 - Huntington Beach, CA. Chester did Maestro and Technical Difficulties with the band.


- PR07. Instead of listening tons of shows from the tour, he came out on Technical Difficulties a bunch for his we are part, there is even pro-shot audio of it.


- PR07 Chicago. Chester filled in for Ryan at this show and performed their full set. He also swapped in Maestro for Systeme De Sexe which wasn't being played in the set at that time.


- 2008.05.10 - Tempe, AZ, Club Tattoo Party. Chester came out during Tehnical Difficulties with Julien-K.


- 2009.04.08 - The Roxy. Chester came out and did Maestro and Technical Difficulties with the band.


- 2011.11.12 - Stars of the Season. Released on Time Capsule, he did I'll Try Not To Destroy You and Palm Springs Reset with the band.


- 2012.01.21 - The Roxy. Chester came out and did I'll Try Not To Destroy You and Palm Springs Reset once again with the band.



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10 hours ago, Subs said:


Agreed, would have been insane to have the chester show where he sang.

Yeah and they have the DVD of it according to Amir. They could have ripped the audio and mastered it. Would have been amazing. 

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1 hour ago, Wilderness said:

The 'We are' vocals on Technical Difficulties are from Brandon Belsky, iirc.


Wow, interesting. I don't think he features on the album then. Maybe they just sound like him sometimes because he was teaching Ryan, so Ryan naturally sounded like him in some stuff, and Brandon doing the scream on TD. Maybe he just did the live appearances.

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