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Your Perfect Mike Shinoda Playlist


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I was inspired by the Apple Music/Spotify playlists Mike shared with us today. No one needs to place the same constraints I placed on myself, but I wanted mine to include at least one thing from as many  officially released projects he's been a part of as possible, and I wanted it to also fit on an audio CD. Feel free to make yours longer (or shorter) than 73 minutes, and to include or exclude whatever your hearts desire. Here's Mine:


  1. A Place For My Head
  2. H! Vltg3 (Album Vocal)
  3. It's Goin Down
  4. Numb
  5. Enjoy The Silence (Reinterpreted)
  6. Big Pimpin/Papercut
  7. Spraypaint & Ink Pens
  8. Mike Shinoda Interlude (Track 14 of Rock Phenomenon by DJ Vlad)
  9. High Road
  10. Bleed It Out
  11. Second To None
  12. We Made It
  13. Carry Me Away
  14. Waiting For The End
  15. Jaka Caught (Track 17 of The Raid Soundtrack)
  16. Skin To Bone
  17. A Light That Never Comes
  18. Rebellion
  19. Devil's Drop
  20. Welcome
  21. Good Goodbye
  22. Place To Start
  23. Waiting For Tomorrow
  24. Prove You Wrong
  25. Fine


The transitions happen to work out amazingly throughout the whole thing. On top of the turntable/mixtape stuff, there's similar synths at the end of Numb and beginning of ETS, as well as similar tambourines at the end of High Road and beginning of BIO. Stuff like that happens all over it. Share yours and let us know how it sounds!

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5 hours ago, leftshoe18 said:

Used yours as a base but had to replace a couple songs that weren't on Spotify.


Im honored! Those are switchouts I’d prolly make too, great choices. Also I had no idea you could upload Spotify playlists here that’s awesome 

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