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02.05.2001 Newtown, Australia, Enmore Theatre


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For a rock band that prided itself on not swearing on their debut album Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park lashed out with every variation of the work "fuck" during their only Sydney concert at the Enmore Theatre. And the 1200- strong crowd loved it. It was reassurance that these guys were normal, angst-filled young adults. From the moment the Los Angles band cranked out "With You", the guys proved themselves to any cynics that may have been in the audience. Linkin Park's relentless energy leaked into the audience to ensure that there was not one still, dry body in the venue. And while the punters didn't need any encouragement, the band thought they'd give some anyway. Twenty four year old vocalist Chester Bennington addressed the mosh pit: " Bouncing, bouncing. Please bounce!!" He didn't realize how far that fans would take his request- by the end of the concert the floorboards of the moshpit had caved in beneath the carpet. The band pumped out the songs, only stopping briefly after "Points of Authority" to tie their shoes and have drinks. And while everyone was there to see Linkin Park go off, Linkin Park wanted to hear the audience go off. Rapper and vocalist, 23 year old Mike Shinoda asked the crowd to "Make some real fucking noise!!"While Bennington told everyone: "You're all gonna fucking sing along with us. If you don't sing we're gonna start the fucking song over." They didn't need to issue this threat 'cause the audience was already screaming the lyrics- including the complicated rap in "Forgotten". Shinoda exclaimed afterwards, "That's the first time people in the crowd knew the part, Holy fucking shit!"There's only so much a band can achieve at the tiny Enmore Theatre, but Linkin Park seemed to make the most of the homely venue. Bennington and Shinoda fiercely jumped from one end of the stage to the other. At one point, Bennington used the speaker as his own personal elevated stage, hanging onto a rope for balance. The energetic pace remained for the 75 minute show until the very last song. As soon as the riff began for their monster hit single "One Step Closer", Linkin Park dug into their energy reserves to end the show with a climax that left the whole audience wet. The band generously stayed back after the concert to sign autographs for fans in the mosh pit. After 30 minutes, security told the band to stop signing because the fans weren't moving out. Just outside the venue, a teenage boy was on the road holding up a dirty sneaker in the air. "They signed my shoe!!" the fan exclaimed. It was a great ending to a great concert.


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