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So Chester’s anniversary is coming up and I’ve been listening to a bunch of stuff lately.  


And I keep listening to Let Down. It really is an amazing song. I already loved it since the first time that I heard it but for some reason it seems even more epic now. The 2005 acoustic one that he played on TV in 2005 is simply amazing. The demo version is probably my favorite version of it, the one that was leaked last year. The studio version is good too but I like the earlier renditions.


Either way, no matter what version you like, it’s a great song. And I think it was one of those songs that Chester wrote that was really close to his heart. You can hear the pain and emotion in his voice. It’s sad but you can also hear a sense of anger in it, even though he sings it beautifully. It’s really an amazing song. It’s also underrated as hell, I feel like. Only hardcore fans of Chester know it. I bet some LP fans don’t even know it, or know about the 2005 version, etc. 

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32 minutes ago, Garret said:

The one he played in 2005 for Katrina was probably one of his all time best performances of his entire life. It’s a shame what DBS ended up becoming. 

Being from New Orleans, it always meant a lot to me the way that LP, and Chester specifically, reacted to Katrina. He was super involved with MFR's efforts, he did that performance of Let Down, and of course he came to visit the city personally which affected him so much that he ultimately wound up writing TLTGYA about it.

He was such an empathetic and caring person, and he did none of it for publicity or to make himself look good. He genuinely cared so much.

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