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"Cross Off" Music Video


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On February 28, the day before his "Anesthetic" album was released, Mark Morton teased a music video coming soon for "Cross Off" (feat. Chester Bennington). A small video clip teaser can be seen here.


We currently do not have the release date for the music video but keep an eye on social media. It is also unknown if Mark was able to record any studio footage with Chester during their sessions together or not.


Mark recently spoke to Billboard about "Anesthetic" and included track-by-track commentaries. Here an excerpt from the interview:

Morton is well aware that Bennington's appearance on "Cross Off" is drawing greater attention to Anesthetic. He wrestled a bit about whether or not to include it after Bennington died by suicide on July 20, 2017 but ultimately decided it was a performance that did more good coming out than being held back.


"The song was special to us all before he passed," Morton says. "It had been awhile since he'd done something that heady, that scream-y, and he was really thrilled about that and you can really hear it in his performance. Everyone involved, including people close to him, knew how excited he was and how much he really loved that song, so it felt right for the world to hear it. It was an awesome session and we had a great vibe making it."


Let us know what you think in the Newswire thread here.

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