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Mike Shinoda Tour Tickets


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Hey everyone, we're back looking for tickets to add to Mike Shinoda's 2018 tour page.

You can take a quick glance at the touring year pages and see what shows we have tickets for. Thanks to you over the past few years, we have over 650 show tickets on LPLive.

We want YOUR tickets (preferably scanned, but a good quality picture does work) for the show pages.


We are looking for Mike Shinoda tickets for North America, Asia and Europe in 2018.


*Please note that we are not posting anyone's tickets until AFTER the show has been completed (to eliminate any risk/hazard).

Please submit your images to us via email at pics(AT)lplive(DOT)net.

Other things we are taking:
(LP, DBS, JK, FM, any band we cover on LPL)
- Show pictures
- Ticket scans/pictures
- Upgrades of pictures we already have on the site
- M&G wristbands, VIP wristbands, GA pit wristbands, any kind of wristbands or passes
- Show posters
- Anything that we don't already have on LPLive that has to do with the show

We will ask again once the tour is over since people accumulate passes/wristbands/etc at the shows as well. Thanks everyone!

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