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2018.11.11 - Chicago, Illinois


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We're on the final stretch of the Outbreak Tour, but Mike and the crew aren't cashing it in. The tour continues east tonight with a show in Chicago, Illinois!


Mike's last show was in Denver, Colorado, and was proof enough that he still has plenty of surprises up his sleeve. The biggest surprise of the night: TWO tour debuts! 'High Road' was performed for the first time since Europe (it was supposed to be performed on the first night of the tour in Montreal, but was replaced by 'Kenji'), while 'Invisible' was performed for the very first time on the tour after several soundchecks! The song seems to be in rotation with 'Sorry For Now,' as Dan performed his normal drum solo over the next extended bridge of 'Invisible.' That's not where the surprises ended, though: 'Remember The Name' opened the show for the first time since Milano Rocks, making it the first time the song has opened a full show on this tour. Finally, 'It's Goin' Down' was added into the set last-minute after 'Make It Up As I Go.' Denver had one of the most unique setlists of the tour, and we're almost at the end!


Watch Mike and the band perform 'Invisible' for the first time on tour in Denver, Colorado. The song was last performed in 2017, on the last show of Linkin Park's One More Light European Tour in Birmingham, England. You can tell how much more confident Mike is with his voice now compared to then (plus, that little run from 3:03 is everything)!


It's been a minute since Mike was last in Chicago. Linkin Park last performed there in 2011 on the A Thousand Suns North American Tour, where they held the 3rd LPU Summit. Fans were treated to a soundcheck of 'Burning In The Skies' and several run throughs of 'Blackout,' only the latter of which was played at the actual show. Prior to that, Linkin Park hasn't played too many times in Chicago (their normal Illinois venue is in Tinley Park). Their very first show there was in 2001 on their first headlining tour: the Street Soldiers Tour. They returned the next year, playing Chicago towards the start of Projekt Revolution 2002, where members of Cypress Hill and Adema came out for 'One Step Closer.' The band performed in Chicago once again at the start of the Meteora World Tour on the LP Underground Tour, performing several fresh songs from the album like 'Lying From You' and 'Faint.' The set even included rare performances of 'Easier To Run' and 'Hit The Floor!' The band returned again later that year on Metallica's 'Summer Sanitarium' Tour, which was the first tour that featured 'Numb' and 'Figure.09' live. Illinois doesn't disappoint, and tonight should be no different.


We thought it was getting a little easier to predict the sets now that the tour was ending... but we were wrong. Just in the last show we got a relatively new opening song and two tour debuts. There's nothing left from soundchecks for Mike to whip out in Chicago (that we know of), but 'Can't Hear You Now' and 'Waiting For Tomorrow' are the two songs he said he wants to play at some point on the tour. Will tonight be the night? There's a whole slew of openers and encore openers now, plus the body of the set rotates around every night. Who's knows what's going to go down! We're running polls on our social media as to what YOU guys think Mike will play at every show to try and make it a bit more interactive - 56% of you who voted for Denver guessed 'Invisible,' and look what happened! Maybe we'll have to try and figure out some prizes before the next leg of the tour. Check our socials out tonight before the show and place your vote!


Watch Linkin Park soundcheck 'Burning In The Skies' at the 3rd LPU Summit in Chicago, Illinois in 2011! While Mike and the band soundcheck at every show, Linkin Park rarely did their own soundchecks (most of the time, it was the crew doing them).


Who's going? LPLive staff member SasstielExperience (Nick) will be there, so if you see him, be sure to say hi! There's only four more shows left before the tour ends: Cincinnati, Boston, Detroit (both Nick AND AlyKaye will be there!), and Silver Springs. Plus, Mike has a few holiday shows lined up in December in New York and California.


We'll be keeping you updated on everything that happens at this show, so be be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world (a couple members from the Discord will be at this show - be sure to say hi)! We just launched the new LPLive Archive YouTube Channel that is loaded with hours of rare content from the Linkin Park world, and we'll also be uploading videos from the Post Traumatic Tour there, too. Be sure to subscribe!

Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's touring schedule here.

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