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2018.11.09 - Denver, Colorado


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The Outbreak Tour is on its final stretch, but not without some awesome final shows. Mike and the band are heading back east today for a show in Denver, Colorado!


Mike's last show was in Salt Lake City, Utah, and it certainly brought a lot of energy. Kicking off with a combo of 'Welcome,' 'Make It Up As I Go,' and 'Castle Of Glass,' the set had already begun on a high. 'In Stereo' was featured mid-set before 'Sorry For Now,' where Dan performed a drum solo. During the piano medley part of the set, Mike gave a little boy a choice between a few songs, and he ultimately chose 'Heavy.' The encore was very hip-hop heavy, featuring 'Petrified,' 'I.O.U.,' and 'Remember The Name' in succession. Perhaps it seems normal on the surface, but these Post Traumatic shows have been anything but - Salt Lake City really brought it.


Watch Mike open his set last night in Salt Lake City with 'Welcome!'


Mike is no stranger to Denver. His very first performance there was with Linkin Park in 2000, when they were opening for the Kottonmouth Kings' 'Ridin High' Tour. The band returned twice more in 2001: once on the Ozzfest, which was the first confirmed show of the tour that featured 'With You' as the opener, and again on the Family Values Tour, where Aaron Lewis from Staind sang on 'One Step Closer.' Linkin Park returned in 2003 while touring for Meteora, performing on Metallica's 'Summer Sanitarium' Tour. This was the second known time that Chester joined the Deftones during their set to perform 'My Own Summer (Shove It)!' The band performed in Greenwood Village to close out Projekt Revolution 2007 on the Minutes To Midnight cycle. The band returned again in 2008 on Projekt Revolution 2008, performing 'No More Sorrow' and 'Bleed It Out' with the Street Drum Corps. A strict curfew by the venue led to the band switching up their encores, too.


Linkin Park returned again in 2011 on the A Thousand Suns North American Tour, playing new tracks like 'Burning In The Skies' and 'The Catalyst.' On the Living Things cycle, Linkin Park performed in Englewood on the Honda Civic Tour in 2012, featuring awesome performances of 'Victimized (w/ QWERTY)' and 'In My Remains' from the new album. This was also the first time that Incubus guitarist Mike Einzinger came out to perform with the band during 'Bleed It Out,' right after the band covered the Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage.' Mike's last performance in the Denver area was on the Carnivores Tour with Thirty Seconds To Mars in 2014, featuring fresh tracks from The Hunting Party including 'Rebellion' and 'Final Masquerade.' Colorado is a place where Mike and the band has loved to play shows in the past, and that won't change tonight!


Watch Linkin Park perform 'The Catalyst' in Denver, Colorado in 2011.


Tonight's going to be another night of surprises for sure... what exactly those might be is anyone's guess. Rarities 'Watching As I Fall' and 'Place To Start' returned at the last two shows in California, the latter of which was performed for the first time in 32 shows (the last being in Chengdu, China). 'Watching As I Fall' has also sporadically appeared throughout the North American Tour. Both songs seem to be back in rotation (albeit, still as rarities), so perhaps we'll see them again! Now that we're at the end of the tour, it's unlikely we'll see any live debuts ('Can't Hear You Now' and 'Waiting For Tomorrow' being the biggest contenders on that front), but tour debuts may still be possible: 'Invisible' was soundchecked a few shows ago and still has yet to make an appearance. 'Cigarettes,' 'It's Goin' Down,' 'High Road,' and 'Sharp Edges' are other rarer tracks that also have potential. Will we see any of these performed? Well, we'll have to wait and find out.


We're going to be trying something new for these last few shows over on our social media: holding polls to see what YOU guys think Mike will play. It's a fun little game, so we figured we'd try it out, especially with how unpredictable Mike's sets are. Last night, none of our poll options made it into the set (damn you, Mike!), so we'll throw in a safer option today. Be sure to check vote on our social media!


Who's going to the show? As mentioned before, the Outbreak Tour is finally hitting its end: Mike has shows in Chicago, Cincinnati, Boston, Detroit, and Silver Springs before the tour wraps up. LPLive staff member SasstielExperience will be in Chicago and Detroit, and AlyKaye will be in Detroit as well, so be sure to say hi if you see them!


We'll be keeping you updated on everything that happens at this show, so be be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world (a couple members from the Discord will be at this show - be sure to say hi)! We just launched the new LPLive Archive YouTube Channel that is loaded with hours of rare content from the Linkin Park world, and we'll also be uploading videos from the Post Traumatic Tour there, too. Be sure to subscribe!

Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's touring schedule here.

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