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2018.11.08 - Salt Lake City, Utah


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The show rolls on! Mike Shinoda takes the North American Post Traumatic Tour (Monster Energy Outbreak Tour) to Salt Lake City, Utah on November 8th!


We are actually surprised to see Salt Lake City on the tour's routing since Mike performed there in July for the LoveLoud event put on by Imagine Dragons. That was a fun show as we saw Mike open with "Castle Of Glass" and we had a special appearance by Phoenix for the first time, on "Running From My Shadow". That was Mike's very last show performing by himself before he added Dan and Matt to the world tour beginning in Asia about a week later.



At the last show in San Francisco, Mike completely flipped the setlist on its head and it took us actually several days to decipher what exactly occurred. That show featured a nine song encore for the first time, which broke the LPLive show page coding. Since we were only designed for eight song encores and never thought something like this could happen, we had to do some adjustments to fit all of the tracks. Clearly we weren't ready for this tour!

Mike brought "Place To Start" back for the first time in 32 shows, rapped "Hands Held High" verse 2 for the first time all tour, added "Petrified" and "Until It Breaks" to the encore at the last second, and managed to fit in the rare "Cigarettes" as well. Could this be the best setlist of the tour?



What to expect in Salt Lake City, you ask? Actually, we have no idea. Mike changed the set so much in San Francisco we aren't even sure what could occur here. "High Road" has been soundchecked this tour but hasn't been performed yet despite being played in Asia and Europe. "Invisible" has been soundchecked as well, and Mike mentioned wanting to play "Waiting For Tomorrow". Maybe we see some of those tracks appear soon. As tour manager Jim Digby said, "hold on tightly until the ride comes to an end" and brace yourselves for some great, unpredictable shows.



After Salt Lake City, the tour heads to Denver, Chicago, and Cincinnati before closing on the east coast. Check out Mike's tour schedule and all setlists on the world tour here.

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