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Phoenix drops by in San Francisco


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Make it three times in one week! Just go ahead and add him to the tour, why don't ya?

In a crazy night in San Francisco that saw Mike Shinoda totally flip the setlist on its head and take the phrase "do whatever you want" literally, he also found time to bring out a surprise guest... none other than the beloved Phoenix! After joining the shows in Las Vegas and Anaheim, Phoenix has once again stepped back on stage with Mike.

"Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to welcome to the stage... from Linkin Park... Mr. Phoenix Farrell!"

Mike completely restructured the set, moving "Crossing A Line" and "In The End" much earlier in the set and opening the encore with "Castle Of Glass" for the first time. Not only that, but he did the "Wisdom, Justice, and Love" mashup with "Hands Held High" in the piano portion of the set despite "Iridescent" being later in the encore. It was the first time that the tracks have been separated in the set.

"Place To Start", which we thought had completely disappeared, returned to the set for the first time in 32 (!) shows! The extended outro is gone from the song, which actually may be better for the song to not have it.

grandson appeared on "Running From My Shadow", but his guitarist who wrote the song with Mike also made a special appearance on it for the first time.

And the encore? Nine songs. Nine. Songs. Mike added "Introduction", "Petrified", and "Until It Breaks", none of which were on the setlist, to open the encore before bringing Phoenix back out. Phoenix, as usual, was on "Papercut", "Castle Of Glass", "Iridescent", "Make It Up As I Go", "Remember The Name", "Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out", and "Running From My Shadow".

We'd like to mention how good the songs are sounding in which Dan and Matt have just started performing on. "Cigarettes", "About You", "Until It Breaks", and all of "Over Again" were not tracks that initially had Dan and Matt. The drums, synth, and more on these songs really bring them to life and add a lot to the show.

You can watch the entire show here.


Full show setlist here. Yes we know that 'Running From My Shadow' is listed as a second encore. In all honesty when we created the show page template on LPLive, we never thought we'd have such a long encore! Mike actually broke the site... good job Mike.

The tour continue as Mike heads west to Utah, Colorado, and Illinois coming up! Tour dates, setlists, and more here.

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