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2018.11.06 - San Francisco, California


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Heads up NorCal! Mike Shinoda's #PostTraumaticTour lands in San Francisco tonight at The Masonic! This is the fourth show of the tour in California and fifth if you count the James Corden performance. Certainly, California is not lacking this year in shows as Mike is sprinkling his home state with performances.


This will be Mike's first appearance in the San Francisco area since the 2014 Carnivores Tour ended with a stop in Concord, CA just outside of town. Linkin Park also performed in Oakland, CA that December.


The most recent show in Anaheim last night featured none other than our favorite Phoenix as a second guest again on the tour for seven songs. Phoenix gave a great speech to the fans about Linkin Park and Mike, which you can see here.


Sticking true to form, Mike's Anaheim setlist actually came out differently than planned once again. He added a mid-set "I.O.U." for fans and gave someone in the front row their choice of a piano song; "Burn It Down "was selected!


Something that we just noticed on the tour that is new in California (from Los Angeles), is that Matt and Dan are now performing on "About You" and all of "Over Again" for the first time. This was soundchecked earlier in the tour but didn't get changed in the live show until just now.



We're still looking for "Invisible", "High Road", and "Waiting For Tomorrow" to be performed on the tour, but hey, we still have two weeks left and plenty of shows as Mike makes his way back east. After San Francisco, he starts that journey by heading to Utah and Colorado before he plays in Illinois. Stay in touch with LPLive on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for show updates and more!

Mike's upcoming tour dates and setlists for every show can be found here.

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