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Phoenix returns to the #PostTraumaticTour in Anaheim


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Following an eventful run through the west, Mike's second to last show in the state took place on November 5th at Anaheim's House Of Blues.


In the span of seven days, Mike:

- Had Phoenix join him in Las Vegas for seven songs

- Performed "Make It Up As I Go" w/ K.Flay on The Late Late Show With James Corden

- Had Joe Hahn and Rob Bourdon attend his Los Angeles Palladium show


....and now had Phoenix return for a second appearance on the tour!



A man that needs no introduction, obviously, as the crowd completely lost its mind when Phoenix stepped out on the stage.


Following the Las Vegas set, Phoenix popped out as the surprise guest once again on "Papercut" in Anaheim. He stuck around for the six song encore which included "Iridescent", "Make It Up As I Go", "Castle Of Glass", "Remember The Name", "Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out", and "Running From My Shadow".


Mike had Phoenix give a speech again to the crowd which was very sincere and heartwarming.



Phoenix said, "The thing that is really cool that I really appreciate about the Linkin Park family and community as a whole... online, in a space that can be so nasty and so negative, you guys have been really really supportive. It means the world to us, so personally, thank you to all of you guys. Secondly, in the midst of tough situations, when the shit really hits the fan, you need to look at somebody who is going to pick up the flag and lead. And that's been Mike."


Mike added that he asked Phoenix a while back to join a few shows of his tour but he wanted to make it special for Linkin Park fans and not make it a big deal in the media about "what's going on with Linkin Park?" This is one reason why Phoenix decided to perform on a few of Mike's newer songs and not just Linkin Park tracks during the show.


After the show, Phoenix posted on Instagram, "A nice onstage “bro-snuggle” last night at the @hobanaheim with @m_shinoda . Last night I got a chance to share a bit about my love, gratitude, and respect for Mike. It is in the lowest of valleys that one’s true character is revealed, and Mike has proven what I’ve always known about him. He is a driven, yet compassionate leader, whose kindness flows from a loving heart. He is courageous and strong, but carries a gentle manner. He loves his immediate family, and his Linkin Park family, deeply. A truly top class human... I’m proud to call him a friend."


With Phoenix joining Mike twice within a week and the other three Linkin Park members (and Talinda) all coming out for Mike's shows in the area... things are heating up online. Fans have been extraordinarily supportive of it all and there is a lot of interest in what is going on right now. While obviously no one is pushing Linkin Park to do anything, it feels really good to see Phoenix back on stage and rocking out with Mike and to see the other band members appear at the Post Traumatic Tour shows in support of Mike.

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